Should mandatory school prayer be allowed in public schools?

Asked by: jh1234l
  • Our purpose is to Worship God

    The Devil is real and lives in the Bermuda Triangle, He sends his demons to come and deceive us and lead us away from God, The Devil can make us see apparitions such as ghosts, ufos, werewolves, vampires, black dogs, black cats, Giant Snakes, Bigfoot, Reptilian Humanoids, Mothman, El Chupacabra, The Jersey Devil, The Goatman, leprechauns, dwarves, fairies, etc.

    School and the educational system is funded by the illuminati, they work for Satan and want to lead us away from Allah (swt)

    therefore we should rebel against the schools until they allow prayer in school, because All Praise is due to Allah (swt)

  • Voluntary Freedom for all

    Children's minds are like yeast. You have to let it sit awhile and rise. You have to give it time to mold into what they are going to be in the future. Their minds have to be able to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. If we do not let them have the freedom to choose what they want to do with their time. Then we are not letting them grow as an individual. If we would let the students have at least 5 minutes to sit quietly, and process what is going on in their life, then that would be the perfect time for those Christian students to pray. No one would know who was praying and who was just thinking. Maybe that is what we should do. Have a time devoted to thinking about life, and those things going on in it, rather then tell them that they have to pray. That would lead to rebelling, and we all know that there is enough of that in the world. If we could compromise, that would be even greater.

  • Yes it should be enforced in schools.

    Yes it should be mandatory for school prayer to be allowed and enforced in all ( public and private ) schools. Not only does this help to alleviate tensions between in and out of school, but also connect education with religion. One that many younger generations seem to find difficulty in. This enforcement also proves a hypothesize that both religion and human actions can coexist and result in future enhancements/ opportunities towards success.

  • Yes it should be enforced in school

    I can see a different of not having pray in the public school you can look at the example where their is pray in the private school. Private school do not have the problem like the public school such as pregnancy, drug abuse, and being disrespect to the teachers and principle, just to name a few things.
    This country was founded on prayer and God, so without pray this country and public school sector are going down to hell

  • That's a riot waiting to happen

    Most teenagers feel like you're taking their freedom away if you take away their pencil. Most teenagers doubt the existence of any spiritual being during late middle school and high school. (and I should know). Do you honestly think that it is a good idea to force a bunch of rebellious teenagers to pray in school?

  • Religion is controversial enough

    Prove to me that any religion is actually righteous and we can have this conversation. We'd be praising dogmatic books that teach homophobia and misogyny; I don't understand how that's good for our kids. It's called indoctrination, let's just agree on that.

    P. S. We outlawed it for a reason.

  • I don't think so

    While it may be important to some, what about atheists? What about people that have different beliefs? How is that fair to them, especially if it is mandatory, since that would be more of forcing beliefs on children instead of educating them. Religion is good and all but it also is a more private thing that should not have to be "mandatory" and I foresee problems if they did do that.

  • Of Course Not

    First, I want to point out that the prompt is contradictory: mandatory school prayer be allowed? If it's mandatory, then of course it's allowed. However, I think I don't even need to make my argument, as it is self-evident that not only is it completely against the Constitution, it violates basic human rights, and would be cruel to all.

  • Public schools are diverse.

    Public schools are exactly what their names implies them to be: public. People from many different backgrounds and cultural influences go to public schools, so it would be pointless for prayers to be required. The bottom line is that not everyone is of the same religion, and making prayers mandatory is just unnecessary.

  • Bad for everyone.

    This is bad for everyone involved. Non-religious people are pressured into lying to a God or gods that they do not believe in, which undermines the whole idea of prayer. This derogates prayer, ehich should be a truthful and personal communication with whatever is "out there". It would be okay to have a short period of contemplative silence, to encourage them to form their own opinions, but not to put words in their ... Heads.

  • Absolutely not omg

    It totally goes against our freedom of religion. Some people don't have a religion, so they shouldn't have to pray..... Just imagine the awful society we would be living in if this was a real rule. Homosexuals and such would be shunned, non-believers would lack education, and science would have no real place!

  • Separation of church and state

    The first amendment states that the federal government cannot make laws that support or prohibit the practice of a certain religion. The fourteenth amendment extends the other amendments to states. Mandatory school prayer that cannot be opt-out is basically forcing a certain religion on people who believe another religion or don't believe religions at all. The constitutions of many other countries also say things that are very similar, which extends this issue to many other countries too.

  • CONSTITUTION PEOPLES! Religious Freedom, consider atheists and Buddhists.

    We shouldn't force people to believe in something they don't. Religious freedom, people. What about atheists? People like us don't even believe. What about Muslims or Buddhists? You'd be forcing them (those people) to believe in something they don't. The Constitution forbids that. Religious freedom. That includes not forcing religions.

    If people are really pushing to have prayer time, I think schools should just create a little 'prayer time' where if you don't believe, just don't pray. Pray for what you believe in.

  • Why would you want the government telling your kids how to pray?

    A mandatory prayer means that a teacher or school administrator is deciding what and how your kids pray. If you are a Christian and a teacher at your child's school is Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, etc., would you want your child to be forced to pray to another deity? Or perhaps it would be required to be a vague, non-denominational prayer, in which case you are not really praying to anyone and just wasting class time.

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