Should manditory Physical Education be removed from school curriculum?

  • PE isn't fun or useful.

    First of all, PE isn't useful. Schools spend their money on buying new equipment for PE. If schools didn't have PE, they could spend money on important stuff like classroom materials. Students already have a long school day and lots of homework. PE takes up time that could be used for something much more productive. Instead of PE, students could get out of school early, take a fun elective, or have study hall.
    Second, PE can lead to bullying. Some students who are not as athletic as others are teased by athletes during PE. For them, PE is just embarrassing. This may lead bullied students to be embarrassed about exercising, even when they are adults.
    Third, everyone exercises in a different way. There is not just one way to exercise. There are lots of different physical activities. Most PE curriculums only cover sports like soccer and kickball. These generic sports are very boring to some students.
    Fourth, forcing people to exercise will lead to them hating it. Most of us have to do chores, which we usually don't like doing. Usually we do chores because someone tells us to. If we only exercise because we are told to, we will think of it as a chore. While exercise is critical to your health, it should something we enjoy doing, not a mandatory class.

  • Yes, PE should be optional.

    When you force kids to exercise, they will not like it. PE makes exercise feel like a chore.
    Also, sometimes athletic students will bully the kids who are less athletic. This can make some kids feel embarrassed about exercising and playing sports.
    Third, people come to school to learn, not waste time in PE. If PE was replaced with something useful like study hall, kids would probably be smarter than they are today.
    Finally, not everyone likes the same sport. PE forces students to all do the same sport, and only covers sports like soccer. Those sports aren't fun for everyone, though. Some people prefer sports like dance, figure skating, etc. PE forces some students to exercise in a way that is boring for them, which makes them hate exercise.

  • "Mandatory" Physical Education is wasteful.

    Where we could place emphasis on sports and recreational exercise, we needlessly fill a students agenda with an unproductive class. How about we be honest- how many students actually take P.E. Seriously?

    Students already stress over inappropriately long school days, accompanied by hours of meaningless busywork (AKA homework). It is like reading a book- when you force someone to do it, they do so with their minimal effort. When they willingly choose it, they do so with passion for the mere intrinsic value it offers.

  • No, mandatory PE is needed to ensure everyone's health.

    Growing children and teens need to have physical movement every day in order to develop healthy bodies. Experts recommend at least an hour of physical activity per day, and mandatory physical education courses make it easy to get this hour whenever schools stick to the health class in their curriculum.

  • No, Physical Education is often the only exercise children get

    At least in the United States, Physical Education can be the only time children go outside to play and stay in shape. With the epidemic of obesity in the country, the last thing America needs is another excuse for children to sit inside. At home, many parents do not encourage their children to play sports. It's much easier sitting in front of the television.

  • Physical education is an important aspect of the school curriculum.

    It is important for children to gain an appreciation for exercise as stimulating, fun activity. Furthermore, children learn to win, lose and be part of team through sports. This is what they learn in physical education. While children who are able to supply evidence that they participate in extracurricular sports activities should be excused from school physical education courses if they so choose, those students who cannot should be required to participate in school sponsored physical education programs.

  • Physical education helps combat childhood obesity.

    Given that childhood obesity is a serious problem with today's youth, physical education is important to ensure that children get an appropriate amount of exercise and stay fit. Physical education provides them with means to work out, play hard, get exercise, burn calories, and have fun all at the same time.

  • PA is awesome!

    Having PE in the school curriculum is not only worthwhile to the student, but is worthwhile to society. By its very nature, PE ensures students are exposed to healthy lifestyle practices that can continue for years beyond schooling. Moreover, dedicating time and effort into teaching students about games and rules can have a positive effect on our culture. The nature and purpose of Physical Education is valuable and has been shown to not sacrifice academic performance (Dollman, Boshoff & Dodd 2006), and also offer great personal growth, knowledge and development.

  • Physical Education IS Important

    The number of obese children in America has nearly tripled in the past thirty years! Just spending one period of physical education a day decreases children's risk for obesity by 5%! P.E. Also helps keep students focused and a study has shown that children who participate in physical education get better grades. P.E. Should be a mandatory subject.

  • Physical Activity Helps Kids

    Physical education helps kids stay active and burn calories during the day. It relieves stress. The classes should be mandatory because children, like any other humans, need to get their blood pumping and burn off stress. Physical education doesn't have to be much--just getting kids on the playground or in the gym is a fun way to relieve stress.

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