Should Manfred Mann's Earth Band's edited version of "Blinded By The Light" be suitable for high energy dance aerobics?

Asked by: Maitlandplace
  • Yes, this single edited version of "Blinded By The Light", done by Manfred Mann's Earth Band is perfect for dance aerobics.

    Here is the story behind the song from songfacts.Com

    This is Manfred Mann's cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Blinded By The Light," though you'd hardly recognize Springsteen's version after being familiar with this one. And familiar you must be - it has gotten monster airplay on radio stations throughout the English-speaking world, and continues to be played daily. It is one of the most triumphant covers ever recorded.
    Manfred Mann changed several lyrics, including changing "cut loose like a deuce" to "revved up like a deuce," which results in one of the most notorious mondegreens in rock history as generations of fans have misheard it as "wrapped up like a douche." Springsteen has even joked that his song did not become popular until it was re-written to be about feminine hygiene products. Said Springsteen: "Deuce was like a Little Deuce Coupe, as in a 2-seater Hot Rod. Douche is a feminine hygienic procedure. But what can I say, the public spoke."
    Two other records set by this song: First, it is so far Bruce Springsteen's only songwriting credit to have a #1 hit. Check The Boss's discography; his highest chart is #2 for "Dancing In The Dark" (hey, that must be what happens after you're blinded...). The other record was the longest a group up to that time had gone between #1 hits; previous to "Blinded by the Light," their #1 was "Do Wah Diddy Diddy."
    This cover was such a breakthrough success for Manfred Mann's Earth Band that they decided to cover another Springsteen song, "Spirit In The Night," as a re-released follow-up.
    The piano noodling that shows up near the end of the song is a snippet of "Chopsticks," a very well-known piece performed by any piano player or student. (thanks, Patrick - Tallapoosa, GA)

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