• It definitely should. Both men and women have their separate fields of inequality.

    I'm not denying that women have a pay gap or that women are sexualized far too much by men. However, Compared to women, Men suffer at the hands of the justice system. Women are rarely suspected of murder, Male abuse victims can't fight back at the risk of suffering abuse charges themselves, Women have first priority in consent, And women (unless they are confirmed mentally unstable) always get the kids in a divorce. Essentially, Both males and females suffer in their own way.

  • It can be. The theme is what needs to be debated.

    From my knowledge, Feminism focuses mainly on the need for a more equal and fair playing ground for woman in a world which is male dominant in many things: culture, Work, Authority etc. This is Feminism's theme along with other things too.

    With a male equivalent to feminism, It doesn't have to necessarily focus on the same thing that feminism does; it doesn't have to be the same as Feminism with the only difference being it's for men.

    What "manism" can be is whatever it needs to be for men. It could focus on important issues that affect men, And even be something of a guide for men and give an actual meaning to masculinity in some ways how femininity gives a meaning in some form to femininity.

    "Manism" can be teaching young men to be responsible, Respectable and mature. It can be against bullying, Hatred and belittling others etc. I accept that men are not living under as oppressed circumstances to that of woman: not even close. Because of that, "manism" does not need to be the male equivalent of Feminism, And it can be whatever we want it to be.

  • Yes it should

    Manism should be an actual, Factual, Real thing. It's not fair to guys that femenism is existing while manism doesn't exist. Men get discriminated against because of femenism, Meaning that as long as there is no manism, There won't be any hope for men. Get help to man now! Please.

  • Men aren't equal.

    Manism is the incorrect term. But I agree. Feminism is equality for everyone, Right? But how so when it is called feminism? The dominant word being female? Maybe woman need for equality due to pay and sexualisation but it still is not right, Or true, To say that men are equal. What about the men who are underpaid? Or that can't express theirselves because of "woman" clothes or jobs? 100 years ago, Yes, It was a bigger issue. But now, People are undermining men and it isn't fair nor is it right. Manism should be a thing purely based on the fact men aren't equal and if there is a feminism, Which is needed, There should be another side, Which is also long overdue.

  • The reality of unbalance in society.

    It's like this if someone is fighting for rights and their claim is reasonable, Than there should should be things in place to fix those problems, But if you are abusing that right, Everything starts to get off balance. For example me as a man could say men need better rights, But in reality we don't. So people start to believe my claim and pretty soon women will start to have less rights (I don't agree with modern feminism either).

  • O Hell No!

    We already know that man are supreme. This does not need to be supported or rallied for. So women, Get back in the kitchen and do your jobs. Men are superior and women are not. Don't fight for rights because you are not getting them. Women are property. Property doesn't have rights.

  • Man is already superior

    Feminism is needed because women had less rights whatsoever. But respectively men has more rights so if they abuse women like this, It wouldn't be ethical.
    I am a man. I support feminism. Female need more rights to match against the males. If the males has more rights then the women will be annoying again. Because men has too much power feminism exists, And masculinism shouldn't.

  • No, It's not needed. That's not a thing.

    I don't see the need for meninism because men are not oppressed in the sense that their civil rights are not at risk. Sure sometimes someone will say 'ew men are gross' or 'I hate men' (usually jokingly) but as a whole we don't need to fight for men's civil rights because they have them.

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