Should mankind become a 'type one civilization'?

Asked by: one-world
  • An inevitability or an impossibility.

    If lifes' meaning were to advance or to die we either must continue to become more advanced and continue to exist or we will die. There is no in between. Due to the inherent belief of self preservation we not only should become a type one civilization, we must. And even after becoming a type one civilization we must advance more. However the inevitability of life is that it must die and though opinions are made of whether we should or should not. It is that we have to continue to advance.

  • We could solve our global problems

    Of course it has disadvantages but all in all I think by becoming a 'type one civilisation' on the Kardashev scale we could solve most of our global problems. But if we do not act and form our type 'one global society' our world could look worse than ever before.

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