Should mankind invest in the exploration of space?

  • Exploring space is important.

    Space is something we should learn about, It can help us in the future. Yes, We need to find a planet so that when the world is over populated and polluted we can move. It is also important for the children to learn about the universe around us. So yes, We should invest in space.

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  • We should explore space!!!

    We have to find and colonize new planets before the human race gets wiped out. We also need to explore space because children can learn about science and it can also lead to other minerals that we could use to expand our modern technology. We could also find other life forms.

  • Exploring Space, The New Final Frontier

    I believe it his human nature to explore and learn more about our world. I think researching and learning about space is our natural next frontier. I think seeking out new and enlightening information is our primary purpose and I believe mankind needs to invest more time and money into space. Space exploration brings hope and Earth needs more hope.

  • Over population imminent.

    Space exploration not only benefits human kind for its scientific purposes, but also could possibly give us the opportunity explore ways to travel to other planets or moons to colonize. We are multiplying in a cage here and there is only so much space. We have doubled in population since the times of JFK.

  • Yes, space exploration should continue

    Space exploration allows us to learn about the universe in which we live, and turns our eyes to horizons beyond this planet. It expands our perspective beyond our own concerns, to allow us to think about larger things than just our mundane existence on this earth. It has added immeasurably to human knowledge, and on a practical level investment in space exploration has brought a plethora of spinoff technology that has enriched our lives.

  • Yes, important for the future of earth.

    While it's a major investment, I think we simply have to continue space exploration. We're putting a tremendous strain on the earth and space exploration can lead to answers on how to protect our earth, correct the damage and provide future settlements and civilizations for human earth. The potential technological advancements are worth it. It also brings hope and pride to the nation and plenty of jobs in the science field that will lead to other important advancements in technology and science, something we've been sorely lacking in recent years.

  • We Need to Find a Planet We Can Colonize

    Yes, mankind should invest in the exploration of space because at some point in time, our earth will have become too polluted to be able to continue living on it. As we continue to pollute our water and hide toxic waste by burying it or pumping it far underground, we are setting the stage for a time when these pollutants and chemicals will affect our entire water supply and soil. At some point in the future, earth will be deemed too contaminated to sustain life. Hopefully before that time comes to pass, science and the exploration of space will have found another planet that is similar to earth and one we would be able to reach and colonize.

  • Absolutely not, its a waste.

    So, let me get this right: We are going to take the same crappy habits that are destroying this world, and go somewhere else with the same habits. Good luck with that. If we cannot be stewards to this planet, then we will never be good stewards to any planet. We need to solve problems here, before looking elsewhere.

  • Not right now..

    I feel like as long as our country is in as much debt as it is, we should put a hold on exploration of space. I don't feel like it is necessary to spend billions of dollars for this at the moment. We already have a lot of knowledge about outer space as it is. Keep everyone here on earth for now and lets focus on the debt and finding cures for diseases and cleaning up our own planet!!

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