• Respect never goes out of style

    Manners should always be used because you should treat others with respect. Being polite and having manners could help change the attitude of others around you as well. Also, It just speaks a lot about who you are as a person. Of course I am going to say thank you and show my appreciation when someone does something for me. Of course I am going to say excuse me if I hit into someone. It just shows you're a considerate person. Which is a good quality to have.

  • Manners Equal Respect

    Manners stem from a very basic and common respect for others, Which is arguably the most basic and fundamental characteristic required at the individual level for a society be be good, Just, Moral, And able to flourish.

    Without this most basic paradigm of decency, We are no longer separate from the cruel and primitive animal world.

  • The basic foundation of a functioning society

    Overzealous manners, Such as those of the upper class, Are not needed to perform as a society, It is, Ostensibly, The lower classes that allow the society to function. Manners such as graciousness for gifts and the like should be of course taught, Generally caring for the well being of those around you, Mentally and physically, And thinking how your behavior affects them are perfect examples of necessary manners. Please and thank you have lost their meaning in the modern world, And should be optional. Break the status quo, But do it the right way. Manners ought not be abolished, But rethought, Because Victorian era sensibilities are not our sensibilities.

  • Yes basic manners

    Because I am not some boorish brute. Look at the man on the right. I bet he drinks and drives over the speed limits. Probably burps in public and is rude to just be rude. Slams the door, Plays loud music at night and yells in the streets. He need to go to prison where a big strong man teaches him manners and learns to pick up the soap.

    I do not want people to be stuck up snobs, But use basic manners and be respectful of others. I see mothers let their annoying children run around and yell and touch everything with their dirty hands. Then they grow up and deface private property and cars and steal things the mothers laugh saying that they are just kids. Next thing you know they turn into losers like that man that believe they can do whatever they want.
    So go ahead be rude and do what you want. If you do not learn manners you will be in jail where your mommy won't bail you and you will be pimped out to the strongest man.

  • Why the fuck should you! ?

    Why the hell do u need to say an extra f***ing word or two words just to get what you want? ! They don’t mean anything, They are retarded.
    Soon we are gonna have little kids running around saying: “PWEEESE CAN I BLINK? ”


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