Should mans inability to preform interstellar travel, mean aliens can't do so ether?

Asked by: BigMikeC
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  • We are finding earth like worlds in other galaxies everyday.

    Since Hubble was fitted with corrective lenses, scientists are saying by using lenses it was similar to sliding a curtain out of the way. The pictures found one planet that seemed to have a similar atmosphere to ours. Also, why should we be so arrogant to think we are the only intelligent life in the universe. One of their arguments on a lot of planets is it doesn't have an atmosphere, their sun should be blistering the surface without a magnetosphere. Life on another planet doesn't have to be like us. As long as the necessary building blocks are present and contain a nuclei of dna, it's possible for life to form. For a religious look on this, one of whom is me,there is a passage of Jesus sayin,in our Bible, that in My Fathers House there are many mansions. To me, and quite a few other Christians, that means there are other Angels from different parts of the universe.

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