Should Manti Te'o have lied to maintain his girlfriend hoax?

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  • No

    He absolutely should not have lied as such a lie would be beyond offensive to the millions of Americans who not only suffer through a disease such as cancer, but also to the rest of us who have known and loved people taken by the disease. Such a thing is much more serious than any sympathy votes he would have got for his Heisman trophy big which seemed so important to him. I also blame the sports media, which puts such an emphasis on the human interest side of sports, which could have led him to think up of such a sick thing to do over a sports award.

  • He Should Not Have Lied

    Manti Teo should not have lied. He just should have came out with the truth as soon as he found out his girlfriend was not real and the entire situation was a hoax. He would have saved himself some embarrassment and the story would not have been as big as it was.

  • No Manti Te'o should not have lied.

    No Manti Te'o should not have lied, by doing so makes him appear to be part of the whole hoax that is being blamed for the dead girlfriend. His lying makes you wonder about his character, I wouldn't trust anything he has to say now. The minute he knew it was a hoax he should have come right out and said so then I would have had a better feeling that he wasn't involved.

  • No, lying is a bad thing.

    The process of lying about a hoax is not a good thing to do. In this case, the man has had to do a lot of explaining about why he committed the lie. This is unfortunate for him and did not help the school and team of which he is a member.

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