Should Manuela Arbelaez be docked pay for giving away the answer to a contest that resulted in a free car?

  • She should not have given away the answer.

    Giving away the answer to a contest, that resulted in giving away a free car, is the same thing as giving away the car without the owner's permission. In other words, it is like stealing. Docking her pay is a very reasonable and fair way to deal with the problem.

  • Giving Away Answers Should Result In Firing!

    One should be fired for cheating. We continually send the wrong message to children today by not punishing the people that need it. If one gets caught giving answers to classmates, then they get an automatic zero and get sent to the office for further discipline. In the case of an adult cheating for whatever reason, should not be tolerated. Teachers are looking at twenty years in prison for cheating. The rules seem unfair and only the elite can get away with scandals like this. It is unfair to the other contestants because they didn't get that help.

  • What Manuela Arbelez did has happened before.

    I watched The Price is Right for years, even when Bob Barker was the host. In those years there were other times that this type of error has happened. Yes, it benefits the contestant because this is the rules of the game. As for the model being responsible because she made the mistake, well unless that was the case in the past, I don't think so. This is a program that brings in millions of dollars to CBS, they can afford a few mishaps happening along the way.

  • She should not be docked pay

    She should not be docked pay because the corporations that pay for the prizes will not miss that money. It is a mistake and the entertainment industry is not short on cash, and neither is the automobile industry with the cost-cutting measures they've taken in the past few years. Free Manuela!

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