Should Marc Emery be imprisoned in the United States for selling cannabis seeds?

  • He broke the law.

    Yes, Marc Emery should be imprisoned in the United States for selling cannabis seeds, because he knew the law and chose to break it. Even if a person disagrees with a law, if they are unwilling to confine their behavior to the confines of the law, they deserve to pay a penalty. That is what Emery did.

  • Against our laws

    Yes, since Marc Emery came to the United States, he is at the mercy of our laws, even if his citizenship is from Canada. He knew that the sale of these seeds was illegal here, but he did not care and went ahead and sold them anyway, so he deserves punishment.

  • Lax Marijuana Laws Should Make His Sentence Moot

    The federal government has relaxed its prosecution of marijuana possession laws in the United States. As such, Marc Emery should be released as soon as possible rather than spend five years behind bars. Yes, he's controversial. But Emery hasn't killed anyone nor has he attacked anyone with a crowbar. He's harmless, so let him go. Non-violent offenders have no business being in jail whatsoever.

  • Reform our drug laws now!

    No, Marc Emery should not be imprisoned in the United States for selling cannabis seeds. The drug policy of the United States is out of date, somewhat irrational and completely psychotic. The idea that someone would be prosecuted for merely having cannabis seeds, not the actual drug, is just completely stupid.

  • Prison Not Justified

    I do not believe Marc Emery should be in prison currently for selling cannabis seeds. Marc Emery is not a violent criminal and his presence in prison is a waste of taxpayer money. He's harmed no one. His imprisonment is just a prime example of the trouble the War on Drugs has caused America.

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