• Yes, March Madness should expand.

    There are always a few teams from the tougher conferences that have to sit at home and watch as teams who have qualified through easier divisions play. It should not be taken away from what these teams have accomplished but nor should a team be penalized because they actually played basketball all season against elite programs.

  • No, it is called MARCH Madness for a reason

    There is an obvious reason that it should not expand. Its called MARCH Madness for a reason becuase it starts and should end in march, but its april and now we got the final four. So i think it should decrease the number of teams or less games a week

  • No It Should Not

    March Madness does not need to expand. The current 64 team format is perfect. There is no need to adjust it. Adding or taking away teams makes the current format lose some of its appeal in my opinion. What March Madness does as far as the amount of teams does not need to be touched.

  • No they shouldn't

    You already have enough mid-major teams in the tournament who get spanked when they get to the tournament. If anything they should narrow the selection down. If they do that then more teams that deserve to be in the tournament would get in. They should make it to where there are 4 play in tournaments for the top seeds and then take the top 60 teams after that. No more of this Middle Tennessee junk that doesn't deserve to be on the floor with top talent like UK, Duke, or IU. Time for the big boys to really be the big boys, with no little brothers following them around.

  • No, it is big enough.

    As someone who is a devout fan of March Madness and all of the excitement that it brings, I fail to see any reason why it should be expanded or be made larger in any way. The length of the tournament is long enough as is, and dragging it out more is not rational.

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