Should Marco Rubio be elected president? Should he complete the American Dream?

Asked by: Kokemin
  • Marco Rubio is needed for America

    Because, if he is president, he should move America to the next century, new stuff happening, he'll help our families with his tax plan, and he will beat Hillary Clinton to the bone. He will make sure our country is running smoothly and that his tax plan works. We will have over a million jobs in America if he's president.

  • Inconsistent career politician.

    The words I have used in my headline are the words that describe Rubio and his out-of-touch GOP colleagues. The simple truth of the matter is that Rubio is inconsistent and purchasable by corporations. Anyone supporting him needs to realize that his "passions" are simply plastered on for appeal, and that he was absent for 1/3 of all accounted Senate voting sessions during his time as Florida Senator.

    Rubio has also neglected the education system and instead decided to cut clean with his support of industrial expansion and increasing the number of high school graduate workers. Rubio said it himself:

    "We need more welders and less philosophers."

    He clearly wants more people who go straight into a career path than people who go through college and get a collegiate education, which will also massively increase their annual salary (have you ever seen the difference between the annual income of someone with a bachelor's degree and someone without one? It's insane!)

    Putting the American Dream in the hands of the GOP is a lost cause to begin with, because all of them revolve around the Super PACS they get from the wealthy - and they foreshadows their way of running the country, which most - if not all - republicans have followed in the past, "let's run the country by the demands of the wealthiest people - the 1% and the one-tenth of 1% (.1%)". The American Dream needs to run its engine off of the 99% - aka the rest of the country that needs it.

  • Marco's a great candidate, but...

    Carson is much more electable. Rubio and Carson have very similar values, and sometimes it's hard to tell them apart. I support Carson over Rubio for one reason; he would get some votes from the left. To put it plainly, whether you like it or not, the fact that Carson is black is going to make quite a few people vote for him that normally wouldn't vote for him in a million years based off of his beliefs. This would especially be the case if someone took the time to start a "If you don't vote Carson you're racist" campaign, similar to what happened with Obama.

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