Should Margaret Cho focus more intensively on her design fashions instead of her comedic career?

  • She Should Work On Both

    I do not believe there is any reason for Margaret Cho to feel she needs to choose one path over another. I believe Margaret Cho has a healthy comedy career that she shouldn't give up, but that's not to say she couldn't be successful in the fashion industry as well.

  • Margaret Cho is a Funny Person

    Margaret Cho isn't known for her designs as much as for her comedy. She should focus on her comedy rather than her designs. Cho's comedy was what made her famous in the first place. She needs to go with what works, which isn't her designs. Her comedy was top notch.

  • No she is too funny.

    I think that Margaret Cho is funny and should focus more on her comedic career. People need to laugh more than they need to wear stylish fashions. So I think she would be making more of a contribution to society by being a comedian. She should stay in comedy and do fashion on the side.

  • Do them both

    Margaret is a very entertaining comedian, as well as a great designer, so I think she should focus on them both, unless she favors one over the other. She should pick the one she enjoys doing, and that pays the most, and go where ever she feels like going to.

  • People can be diverse.

    No, Margaret Cho should not focus more intensively on her design fashions instead of her comic career, because it is really neat that she is capable of doing both designs and comedic careers. It is helpful to her comic career that he has a fashion career. One can help the other sell. She is multi-talented.

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