Should Mariah Carey get a prenuptual agreement for her new engagement?

  • Yes, Mariah Carey should get a Prenuptual Agreement before she gets Married

    Most celebrity marriages end in a drawn-out and protracted divorce. Mariah Carey should do all she can to protect herself and her fortune before entering into a marriage that will, in all likelihood, end in divorce. If she does not, she risks losing a considerable amount of wealth to her future partner.

  • Mariah and the Prenup.

    I think that she should. I think prenups are good. Especially for the person with the lesser of the two financial statuses to offer so the person with more money can know that they really love them for who they are and that they're uninterested in their money. I think the less-rich person should sign all prenups for $0.

  • Mariah Carey must absolutely get a prenup

    Mariah Carey must absolutely get a prenuptual agreement for engagement with Australian billionaire James Packer. In this case, both parties are wealthy so the prenuptual is not only about protecting fortunes going into the marriage. The agreement also serves as a set of vital rules of disengagement should the marriage fail, as is often the case in celebrity marriages.

  • Celebrity marriages don't last enough

    Based on how quickly marriages end within the celebrity world, I do think Mariah Carey should consider arranging a prenup agreement, especially if her fiance is not as well off as she is. If he loves her and trusts her judgement, he will not be hurt by it. Also, if they want to be together this should not matter.

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