• Not much different

    From tobacco and alcohol as far as I know, and may even be less harmful. I think that if it isn't any more dangerous or harmful then it should be legalized, regulated, and taxed. This would not only take a bite out of organized crimes profits, but would hopefully reduce the number of people who would try harder drugs with a cheaper, legal, and less damaging alternative.

  • Yes, pot should be legal.

    Marijuana should be legalized. It does not make sense for the government to spend so much money arresting, prosecuting and imprisoning non-violent drug offenders - many of whom turn into hardened criminals after serving lengthy prison sentences. Instead, America should decriminalize pot and stop prosecuting non-violent offenders. Government could regulate and tax the industry, raking in billions in tax revenue.

  • Yes it should be legal.

    Marijuana is used by many people, particularly the youth. It is Illegal because the government wants to discourage people from using it. It is clearly not working. Many gangs are becoming rich from dealing such products and also introducing other drugs to people. Making it legal will harm these gangs income and cripple them.

  • Yes, marijuana should be legalized.

    It's ludicrous to allow people to smoke tobacco, as supremely unhealthy as it is, and not to allow the same for marijuana. Marijuana's side effects are not stronger than tobacco's., although some may be just as unhealthy. Further, marijuana offers some benefits that are not just medicinal. For one, organic compounds in marijuana encourages relaxation, unlike nicotine in tobacco. Smoking marijuana can also stimulate appetite, unlike smoking tobacco, encouraging people to eat and maintain a healthy diet and weight.

  • It hurts people.

    The people that want to smoke marijuana just want to get high. There are other ways that these people can deal with pain and other problems without taking a substance that hurts other people. People who are high on marijuana are much more likely to get in traffic crashes that hurts other people.

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