• Yes, there's no reason for it to be illegal.

    Marijuana should be legal everywhere. There is no reason for it to be illegal, since it is not dangerous, and can actually be beneficial, especially for people with certain diseases. However, putting restrictions on it does make sense. For example, there should be an age limit of 18 or 21 perhaps.

  • Marihuana should be legal

    Marihuana, "Mary Jane," marijuana, weed. No matter what you call it, it is a plant that many individuals use to achieve a "high" or altered state of consciousness. However, it is also proving effective as a medical tool, especially for individuals with severe epilepsy. This means that the plant should be made legal worldwide because it isn't just an escape, it's also life-saving.

  • It is not a dangerous drug.

    For the longest time there has been this unfair stigma attached to marihuana. All of these lies and slander are atrocious because marihuana is less harmful then the legal drugs alcohol and tobacco. There are zero marihuana related deaths and potheads are more peaceful. The world would be a lot better of a place if people just smoked a little weed every day.

  • No, it would cause too many issues.

    No, I don't think marijuana should be legalized all over the world. I feel that it is too dangerous, especially for children and drivers. If someone smokes marijuana and then drives, that person is impaired and can be a danger on the road. Also, if little kids eat brownies with marijuana, they can end up in the hospital with serious issues.

  • It's not just marijuana that should be illegal

    I don't get people that are fighting for this garbage, is this what the world is like today? There are so much better things to do, seriously! THIS is your goal? To sit in the corner and get all high and pretend like you're somekind of Bob Marley poser? And they have such pathetic reasons too, "It has medical capabilities", lol then it should be used as ingredients for medicines then.

    IMO cigars, tobacos and alchohol should be illegal too, not just Marijuana, not only are they pointless, they also cause serious problems, imagine if kids were influenced to smoke Marijuana too, this will be highly likely as legalization of marijuana would decrease the rarity of the product, they would waste their lives, not to mention there is danger in driving while high.

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