Should Marijuana and marijuana derivatives be legalized for medical, industrial, and recreational use?

  • Marijuana prohibition was born out of ignorance

    Marijuana has been used medically, industrially and recreationally for literally thousands of years and is actually one of the most useful plants known to mankind. It it thought by scientists to be an effective anti-depressant, pain killer, sleep aid, and hunger stimulate. Though these are the commonly known medical benefits, there are countless more. If you want a full list, go to marijuanadoctors.Com. It's not a question if marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes, that part is fairly obvious. Although the medical benefits of marijuana have become a huge deal in politics, I don't feel like industrial hemp has gotten enough popularity. Hemp is a non-THC derivitive of the cannabis plant and can be used for literally tens of thousands of industrial purposes. For instance, paper. The constitution was written on paper made from hemp as it was incredibly popular at the time. It was actually a requirement in the 1600's that farmers grow hemp because it grew extremely fast and would yield far more than its competitors. George Washington, the father of our country, actually said that this plant should be sown "everywhere." It can be grown three times more than cotton per acre, is four times stronger, and does not require pesticides because the plant actually fights off insects by itself. That's right, it can be used to make clothes. It can also be used to make a flexible fiber that Henry Ford himself said is "10 times stronger than steel and only weighs 3/4's as much" of course, in that regard it is much easier to acquire than steel as well. I think you get the point here. If you want to know more about industrial hemp, look it up for yourself. There are some very enlightening things I've found out about it. Now on to recreational use: marijuana has been the center of a lot of controversy since it was indirectly made illegal in 1936. This was during the great depression and the people were afraid that marijuana made the "lesser races" more violent. AKA the hispanics who were coming to the US and the blacks. They also believed that it was evil because it "made white women fall in love with Negros." There was not scientific evidence that any of this was true or made the slightest bit of sense, however it became the government's agenda to make it illegal and spew propaganda so that people would see marijuana with a "reefer madness" mindset for generations to come. Although this was the government's fault to start, it has become the goal of alcohol, lumber and tobacco companies to keep marijuana illegal so that they make more money. It was actually the lumber industry who was responsible for some of the lies that were spread in order to make marijuana and hemp illegal. I can't fit everything in here. 750,000 people are locked up every year for marijuana charges that can have sentencing longer than rape and murder even though it is a victimless crime.

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