• Absolutely it should be.

    Medical marijuana should be legal and so should recreational marijuana. There is no good reason why it is illegal now since there has never been any definitive proof that it is harmful to the individual or society at large. It is too intrusive of the government to outlaw a natural, seemingly harmless plant that is appealing to many. Some people may speculate that it does have negative effects on the user/society, people also speculate that violence in movies have negative effects. A lot of people would have a problem if the government decided to outlaw any movie rated above pg. Just because something is not your cup of tea doesn't give you the right to take it from others who enjoy it when it is not harming anyone.

  • Blah blah blah

    You all know it is way way way way better beacuse l dont honeslty know why its better but is better it helps people in way other drugs and medicines work and we all know it use in good use although there are down sides to it but we know its better

  • To yield some severe economic advantages

    Well, voters in Washington state and Colorado recently approved measures that lead to cannabis decriminalization, while a similar law was defeated in Oregon. Some feel it was the wrong move, but decriminalizing it is set to yield some severe economic advantages. Semantics aside, those states are poised to reap financial benefits of doing so, not least of which being million in tax revenue. Look no further, all of the facts you need is at MatchFinacial.Com

  • Yes, it should be

    There have been many cases of medical marijuana helping people deal with the pain of serious illnesses. I think it should be regulated somewhat strictly so everybody that wants to get high doesn't have "back pain" but I see absolutely no issue in giving it to people that are truly suffering.

  • Who are YOU to say how other people should get better

    If someone smoke pot for its medical advantages then why should you care? You are not getting effected by it and it has no bad effects if you are over the age of 21. It has so many uses and non of it is wasted. Bottom line, its good for you, and why do you care what other people do? In my opinion if you believe that pot is bad, then you are scared and you jump to conclusions. The media feeds you anything to try and get a story, and a big one is that pot is a drug that will hard you and your family, and your to blind to see other wise. Do some research.

  • ABSOLUTELY yess ess

    Medicinal marijuan and recreational marijuana should be both legalized. The benefits that are to take effect on the body can be used for medicinal purposes. As the way I see it, the only reason why the government bans this organic material is because of the effect that can cause user to have habit forming on the marijuana. The very apparent effect of the marijuana is that it is a "downer" or could make people hazy and eventually fall asleep.

  • No. Just legalized.

    There are very few people who actually need medical marijuana over its substitutes. It's an abused system that just leads to more crime. Now, if we legalized it, taxed it, and placed the same regulations and such that are on alcohol and tobacco. Then, not only will the few people who need marijuana can get it, but we can make a bunch of cash, decriminalize non-violent offenders, and reduce prison counts.

  • It is a poor choice

    There are better, more cost effective pharmacotherapies for pain management and the various psychological ramifications of acute and chronic pain. The use of marijuana for pain management is roughly equivalent to telling the patient to go drink a fifth of scotch. Sophisticated, symptom specific drugs for various types of pain are available with better efficacy.

  • Legal weed? NO

    Marijuana does not need to be legalized in my opinion. However there are beneficial aspects of this that helps many serious sicknesses. That being the case THC and any other substance within the plant should be extracted and compacted into a pill like substance just like any other medicine today

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