Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option for Patients with a Terminal Illness and Suffering Severe Pain?

  • Yes it should

    People with terminal illness should have a choice in their treatment options. Research has shown improvement in pain, nausea, anxiety at end of life. The adverse effects are less than traditional medications and less sedating. It can improve the quality of life for people with terminal illness and chronic pain.

  • Marijuana Should Be Option for Terminal Patients

    Yes, marijuana should be a medical option for patients with a terminal illness and suffering from severe pain as marijuana is proven to be a great painkiller, one of the best. If a person is soon to die anyway, then one need not worry about the long-term use of marijuana.

  • Yes, it should be legal

    Most of the problems caused by marijuana are only due to what people try to do while under the influence, i.e. driving while impaired and causing an accident. It seems reasonable for someone who could be physically helped by the drug to be able to legally use it, as long as it is still illegal for them to try to drive afterward.

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