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  • The title is wrong.

    Its not a matter of "should be". Marijuana is a schedule 1 substance and it will remain so, for the simple reason that the only ppl with the power to change that are the ppl that are raking in a trillion dollars every year from marijuana prohibition. They will change that if and only if they are offered equivalent compensation. And mind you, $1 trillion is several times more than the bottom 95% of all US income combined.

    Nor does your vote matter either: the politicians might tell you otherwise in their campaign ads, but whoever wins is legally bound to do the bidding of their prohibitionist campaign sponsors.

  • More good than harm

    Schedule I is the classification of the most serious and abused drugs. Any drug that is placed into this “Schedule”, as it is called, is illegal to possess and not accepted as use for medical reasons. Examples include LSD, Heroin, ecstasy, and marijuana. Schedule IV is the classification of drugs that are less serious and less abused. They have a low potential for abuse and the drugs in this schedule are accepted for medical use in the U.S. They may lead to physical or psychological dependence if used for long periods of time or frequently. Examples include Xanax, Lunesta, and Diazepam. There are many medicinal purposes for marijuana. For many diseases, marijuana is the only relief for serious pain and other symptoms. Some symptoms that marijuana may relieve include severe pain, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting. Marijuana also relieves certain affects of other diseases. It is not amended to benefit those who will abuse it. More people have died of Vicoden over dosage than Marijuana yet Vicoden is classified as a Schedule III drug.
    Charlotte Figi was 3 months old when she had her first seizure. They continued to become more severe over the next 3 years. Charlotte lost her ability to eat, talk, and walk. She was having 300 large-scale seizures a week. Her heart stopped multiple times, and they presented the idea of a medical coma. The marijuana she used contained little THC, which is the physiologically harmful substance in marijuana. It contained a boost in the amount CBD that has high medicinal properties. On that first 2 ounces that the parents bought, Charlotte did not have a seizure for 7 full days. Charlotte is now 6 years old and has only 2-3 seizures now a month, almost all of which are in her sleep. The Stanley Brothers, a large-scale marijuana producing company have created what they call “Charlotte’s Web” which is the special marijuana that Charlotte uses to control the Dravet Syndrome. This type of marijuana helps people with this disease when other drugs can’t.
    Congress must move marijuana to schedule IV. The uses of medical marijuana must be added to the guidelines from the American Medical Association and the FDA. Marijuana must be regulated. There needs to be strong enforcement to stop the abuse of marijuana. Doctors need to be educated to understand the benefits of using marijuana. It also needs to become available to those who truly need it. It should be made available through Pharmacies. Almost all of us have known someone who has been in pain from a serious disease. Many times there is nothing that can help them manage the pain. If there is something out there that can help them why shouldn’t they be entitled to use it?

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