• Make it legal

    If it was legal and taxed like cigarettes and alcohol it would raise much needed revenue to help us get through this finacial crisis, plus it would lower the crime rate as people would not have to go and commit a crime to pay for their next fix, it would also mean Less cost to our courts in prosecutions and the purity could also be regulated and it could be sold through Pharmacies, Its a win win no brainer

  • Puff puff pass.

    Hell yes. If I want to smoke some weed, that is between my doctor and myself. Back off, big government! I said hip hop, hippy to the hip hop you don't stop, rock it to the bang bang boogey, up jump the beat. Now what you heard is not a fake, it's the real Sitara bad b***h.

  • You can make your own choice about what you put into your own body.

    In a true free society, you should be aloud to do whatever you want with your own body as long as you are not harming others. When somebody smokes marijuana, nobody gets hurt by it so I don't see a reason to not let people smoke if they want to. I don't even smoke myself.

  • It's a commonly debated and highly controversial topic, what is your opinion?

    Not to go too deeply in to the situation, as I will leave that for you folks to do. I believe strongly that marijuana should be legalized. It is a 'wonder drug' for many patients with serious health issues. Both for recreational use, and doctor prescribed treatment, marijuana is beneficial to everyone.

  • I hate to be a stickler for words,

    But it shouldnt be COMPLETELY legal..... I dont think that 8 year olds and people currently in prison should be able to smoke marijuana for a variety of different reasons..... Like all good things there needs to be a tad bit of regulation when legalizing something, not just make it free for anybody and everybody no matter what.

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