Should Marijuana Be Considered a Illegal Drug?

Asked by: danieldzou
  • It's Bad For Your Health

    Drug takers take drugs just to feel good, but sometimes, taking drugs can get out of hand. Especially, when they have a big impact on your life. It causes increase in car accidents, memory loss, and cancer. Marijuana is a illegal drug in some states for a reason. Let's all take a step to a healthier life.

  • Bad for health, good for medicine

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  • Bad for your heath but is used for medicine.

    Yes people use it out of advantage but people do need it for medicine! But they still have cigarettes and that does more damage than what marijuana does! You cant overdose on weed. You cant die! Unlike cigarette where over 6 million people die a year smoking that nasty legal tobacco!

  • N O spells NO

    My mummy told me that drugs is bad for your dinner and i wouldn't want to make my mummy made because when she gets made she kicks me in the tummy and the police man takes her away and i have to go to daddy's but he hates me so no thank paulo

  • A better option

    Marijuana is no doubt a far better alternative to cigarettes. There shouldn't be problem with recreational use of the drug provided it doesn't get out of hand. Of course there needs to be restrictions on age and conditional use but pot is no worse; rather arguably better than alcohol use.

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