Should marijuana be decriminalized in the United States?

  • Alcohol is much more dangerous.

    The use of marijuana doesn't have the potential result in a life-threatening dependence the way that the use of alcohol does. Alcohol has way more adverse effects, as it is possible to die from drinking too much while smoking too much pot results mostly in sleeping/nausea/anxiety, none of which are life threatening. Ultimately, the risks are much lower. Also, marijuana can be used to treat a number of illnesses, and alcohol doesn't have any tangible medicinal qualities. Most people in prison in the United States are imprisoned due to nonviolent drug crimes, which is a ridiculous thing. I don't think that something should be illegal if it's not hurting anyone but the person themselves, which marijuana doesn't exactly harm people in the long term (Google some studies, negative effects are minimal if present at all). It is ultimately our choice whether we use drugs, not the government's.

  • The War on Drugs Is A Failure

    Can you imagine a United States that is devoid of marijuana. The current passage of medical marijuana laws and laws upholding recreational use make this vision impossible. The War on Drugs is a failure and I think it is harmful to society to charge and lock up people simply because of marijuana. It wastes tax payer dollars and ruins lives. I believe it is best for the United States to legalize marijuana or take it off of the list with other incomparable drugs, however decriminalization would be a step in the right direction.

  • Marijuana should be decriminalized in the United States.

    A lot of states have already decriminalized marijuana if not made it legal for recreational use. Marijuana is no more dangerous than tobacco or alcohol, and there is not good reason that it should not also be legal. Prohibition against marijuana has not worked in the past, and legalization is the best option.

  • It almost is

    Marijuana usage has quickly become acceptable in mainstream society. In a way, it has been for decades, but the discussion about legalization only began fairly recently, and already is it totally and completely legal in multiple states. Eventually it will not only be decriminalized, but legalized and sold in stores just like tobacco and alcohol.

  • Once legalized, it will not be as desirable

    Yes. Marijuana is no different than cigarettes or alcohol, once they were legalized, they was not as much hype or talk of the two. Marijuana is a type of drug, but so is tobacco, and it is utilized in public areas regardless of the deadly effects it has on the user or bystanders. This could be said for marijuana as well. Those that chose to use it will pay for it and slowly damage their bodies the same as those that smoke cigarettes and drink excessively.

  • Yes, it serves no purpose.

    Most people who want pot can get pot, but they just have to worry and feel they are breaking the law. They can go to a liquor store though and get whatever they want. So it is silly to keep pot as an illegal substance and it should be decriminalized.

  • Savings to Law Enforcement is Enormous

    A large majority of incarcerations and court time is wasted due to marijuana cases. Legalizing the drug will allow the U.S. government to regulate and tax the product like cigarettes and alcohol. Judicial systems will save billions annually across the country. Jails will empty. Laws will have to be written to criminalize things such as driving while stoned (similar to DWIs). Legalizing marijuana simply makes sense and dollars.

  • Let's Legalize It!

    Absolutely I believe the United States should legalize Marijuana. After the 2012 election we are going to have three more states that decided to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, and I believe the tide is gradually shifting at least in that realm. Generally speaking, if the US legalizes marijuana then they could even tax it to an extremely high percentage and even work to structure buying and selling of it. This would not only bring in money to help with debt and deficits, but it would also enforce more responsible use of the drug as well.

  • The cost of enforcement of marijuana laws is much too high

    America should learn from it's past and understand that prohibition doesn't work, and the government cannot save people from themselves. Our prisons are filling up and our states are going broke, it's time to realize that our resources can be spent better! In a wonderful side effect, industrial hemp would once again be legal to grow!

  • Marijuana should be legal in the United States.

    Marijuana is a drug that need to become decriminalized in the US. One reason for this is it is a drug that is similar to alcohol, and does not cause much harm to the body. It also has a positive impact for people who have chronic pain or cancer. Also it is a drug that does not lead to crime. Some states have already legalized marijuana on a medical basis and it has impacted these states positively. An example of one of these states is Colorado.

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