• Because children are using medicine to get high

    I know that marijuana is a medicine but children now-a-days are using it improperly to get high. Children should not be involved with this drug because it will ruin their future, all they will ever be or could be. Their future will be spent on stealing and selling things they need to so they can buy this horrible drug.

  • Marijuana heals cancer.

    I think every where in the world marijuana should be legal. It heals cancer if smoked properly. You can't even die if you over dose. Literally 0 deaths caused by weed( except car accident because weed makes you high). Seriously I think alchocol and tobacco should be illegal. But weed? Hell no.

  • Marijuana should be legal

    Marijuana should be legal in New Mexico. A lot of people believe that if marijuana does become legalized, more children will consume it. However, that is not true. It would be even more difficult to obtain due to the fact that you would need to be over the age of 21 to buy it. Just like how alcohol used to be illegal, all the drug dealers and random people sell marijuana without asking for age or anything. Therefore, if it becomes legalized, there will be regulations in place to easily prevent children from buying weed.

  • Marijuana should not be illegal in New Mexico.

    Marijuana should not be illegal in New Mexico. This is due to the fact that studies have shown marijuana to be a virtually harmless substance. When substances such as alcohol, which are proven to be extremely harmful to people are legal and regulated, something like marijuana should not be illegal.

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