• It's The Best Cure

    Marijuana cannot cure everything, But certainly does more good than harm. Many people use it for pain management, Others so they can sleep at night. Legalizing marijuana scares politicians because it is already so hard to tax, Always take a second to realize what is true about the arguments against marijuana, Most aren't true. For example, Some try and argue that Colorado will only allow drivers to driver high. Although the bill clearly states while in Colorado, You may not operate a vehicle while "impaired". Marijuana was just legalized for recreational use.

  • Smoke weed every day

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  • Marijuana should be legal!

    Marijuana calms the nerves, alcohol is legal and it turns people to be abusive and confusing.
    Marijuana is a plant not a process. Marijuana should be legalized! Marijuana helps to sit on the couch and watch a movie. Its not that bad for you compared to alcohol... Marijuana should be legal it helps from stress and cancer

  • It's very beneficial..

    I don't believe that the use of Marijuana is a bad thing. First off, it helps AIDS patients by increasing their appetite. It also helps with cancer patients so the nausea from chemotherapy goes away. I don't know how anyone could give an argument about those health benefits. Also, there are so many kind-hearted men and women stuck in jail right now, not getting the chance to experience their life because of the fact this 'drug' is illegal. So you tell me? Is there any personal freedom given in this subject?

  • Weed...doesn't kill

    I don't understand why so many people think you can die from smoking marijuana. People have died from drinking and smoking TOBACCO. There is not a single death from smoking marijuana. Marijuana cures cancer, it doesn't kill people. If it were legal, prices would go down and there would be less criminal activity on the streets. Keeping this drug legal betrays personal freedom. I think it should be legal.

  • Maybe if...

    Before even consider legalizing marihuana, we need to get rid of all weapons. Smoking weed and shooting guns do not mix. How come are going to have gun shops selling AK-47s and AR-15s to weed smokers? No one is born a drug addict; people turn to drugs suddenly. The same goes with criminals.

    Posted by: Aned
  • I do not advocate it's use

    I think it is like alcohol, it should be prohibited while driving or by those under a certain age. However, I think we waste more time and effort not to mention jail space going after non-violent crimes such as marijuana use. The drug war has failed and prohibition doesn't work. That being said those who want help to get out of an addictive lifestyle should be able to seek it.

  • There is no good reason for marijuana being illegal.

    There are many reasons legalization would be beneficial for personal health and the economy, but I think basing an argument on that is missing a main point. The government has no business criminalizing people for doing something that only harms themselves, and minimally at that. That's why it makes sense for alcohol to be legal in itself, but DUI and public intoxication are crimes- they harm other people. If the government should outlaw marijuana for being unhealthy, then theoretically anything that can be unhealthy should be outlawed too. Chocolate is unhealthy and quite addictive, but outlawing it would be ridiculous.

  • Yes, marijuana should be made legal

    I feel that marijuana is a a relativity harmless drug. In fact it is without a doubt far less harmful to users than alcohol. If it were legalized a tax could be imposed on it to being in much needed revenue for our country. It would save the states a lot of money by not having so many people incarcerated for small marijuana possessions.

  • Alcohol is!

    As long as alcohol is legal, then making marijuana illegal is hypocritical. yes it is habit forming and yes it can lead to health issues, so does smoking and alcohol. It isn't logical to make something illegal that has the same effects as something that is leagl. Not to mention that the government could make tax revenue and save the effort of law enforcement making it legal.

  • Are you crazy?

    Marijuana has only causes harm, it causes too many health and mental issues! It is a drug that only harms the human body, why would you want to harm yourself? This is crazy! You may think that marijuana is Ok because there is beer and cigarets but marijuana has a much greater affect than any of those! Please help your self and don't do drugs!

  • NO Way! Sad

    Are you kidding? Seriously? Marijuana affects the body in many bad ways that I don't even want to talk about. Compared to alcohol it still is as bad as alcohol. They might hurt you in different ways, but it still affects you to the point of death. This is obvious.

  • Its so easy now

    Honestly, currently it is so easy to buy weed. Some shady guy comes over, you give him 10 bucks, and there you go. You have just bought weed and you didn't even need to leave your home. Also when it comes to growing, there will be drastic changes. Instead of some guy in an underground bunker trying desperately to create the best product, the growers will be government subsidized farmers that will just be out there to make a quick buck for the least effort. Overall, weed should be fun and shouldn't really be a crime but there will be large problems with making it legal.

  • No. You do it, but it ends up harming me.

    Just like cigarettes, other people enjoy it and destroy their bodies, and I get the luxury of their second hand smoke. At least with alcohol I don't have to ingest your back wash. But with smoking, it affects the people around you. It's basically indirect assault! I rather have drugs such as ecstasy legalized because it wouldn't affect me. But your smoke is getting into other people's lungs as well.

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