Should Marijuana be legal for recreational use?

Asked by: ladysman217
  • Less health risks than cigarettes...

    Marijuana has been proven not only to be less addictive, but also less dangerous than cigarettes. Cigarettes are still legal, right? The only reason (at least the only reason i think) that the federal government hasn't made recreational marijuana use legal yet is because they haven't found an effective way to tax it yet. They're working on it, though, and at the same time, marijuana is being legalized in more places.

  • Weed should be legal!!!

    I think weed should be legal because its unlike pills and prescription meds were they can OD on weed is nature and does not hurt anyone you cant die from it there has been no record of any deaths. It does nothing to the economy its safe unlike cigarettes and alcohol .

  • I think it should

    Teens are already using Marijuana. As well as adults. It's advertised on movies and TV shows. I think that it should be legalized because of how much it's already used and it would affect the government and police force in a more positive way, by saving money and to prevent more teens from using the drug.

  • End the experiment.

    Using marijuana isn't healthy and it shouldn't be used by kids. Most drug war supporters want the status quo because they sense there is some kind of control over drug use. The reality is the only way to control drug use is through regulation, not random searches. Your kids probably have a bag of weed on them right now as you defend the drug war, the only way to save them from prison is to legalize.

  • Government has no right

    I do not smoke marijuana and never will. It's just not my style. However, I believe in freedom for the people and the government has no right to restrict it from the people. Citizens have the right to make their own choices on things that affect them. As long as it does not put surrounding individuals in harms way, the government needs to butt out. Furthermore, legalizing marijuana would result in much more success in youth. Just think of all the young lives/careers tarnished by a simple possession charge or any other pot-related charge. Kids will be kids and smoke weed whether it is legal or not, so it is beneficial to prosperity of younger generations to legalize marijuana.

  • Yes it should

    If the government is serious about reducing the amount of harm that marijuana can cause. Keeping marijuana illegal keeps the control of marijuana in the hands of the criminal and makes anyone that uses it a criminal. The greatest detriment to an individual or the family unit concerning marijuana use is law enforcement.

  • Medical needs only

    Sometimes the benefits of drugs like Marijuana out way the negatives when it comes to medical needs. I feel that if is going to give patients a better quality of life then who are we to limit their life. However, I can see why drugs that have already been criminalized should not be legalized, It was done for a reason. As others have said, I feel it would only be a slippery slope to people wanting more serious and dangerous drugs legalized.

  • I support the other poster

    I like the statement that if we legalize marijuana, give it a few years and people would call for the legalization of more powerful drugs. It's a slippery slope. Americans barely legalized alcohol. Now they are calling for marijuana to be legalized and use the excuse that alcohol is worse as an excuse. The following thought implies that it's okay to make things worse if your next action is "better" than the previous. Sorry for my English.

  • Only for medical ends

    I'm not fully aware of the medicinal properties that marijuana has, but I suppose I am willing to decriminalize it only for medical reasons. Slippery slope: If marijuana is legalized for recreational use, the public might call for more potent and dangerous drugs to be decriminalized for the same reason.

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