Should marijuana be legal for recreational use in the U.S.?

  • I think that marijuana should be legal for recreational use in the U.S.

    I think that marijuana should be legal for recreational use
    in the U.S.. Marijuana is good for
    us. If more people smoked marijuana, the
    world would be a better place. People
    would be more relaxed, and therefore there would be a decrease in the crime
    rate. This should happen as soon as

  • Marijuana should be legal for recreational use in the U.S.

    Marijuana should be legal for recreational use in the U.S. If two states already allow this then the other states should just follow behind them. It would not be fair if only these two states get to do it and it be illegal everywhere else. I think they should just go ahead and legalize it.

  • Legalized marijuana is a no brainer.

    Marijuana, no worse than alcohol or cigarettes--and in some cases better, should not be illegal in America. It reminds me of the prohibition of alcohol--which made more sense, and is without real reason. Legalizing marijuana will make tons of money in tax dollars for the government as well as keep more people out of jail.

  • Marijuana should be legal for recreational use.

    Legalizing marijuana would be one of the best things to do for our country. Even though it is illegal in practically all states, except one I believe, people still do it anyways. It causes no harmful effects to the human body and it is not hurting anyone. Might as well make it legal and taxable so we can get more income to our country.

  • Marijana should be legalized for recreational use

    The Federal and state governments spend large portions of their budgets to police marijuana use and incarcerate people who are caught with it in their possession. All this for a drug that does less harm than the legal drugs of alcohol and cigarettes. This is not to say that there aren't consequences to its use, but the money and time spent in the effort against it could have much better return and effect if spent somewhere else.

  • Marijuana should be legalized.

    I personally do not use Marijuana, but that doesn't mean I feel at this point it should remain illegal. In fact, I am well aware it is legal for medical use. Times have changed and people are aware that are much worse things out there for your body then Marijuana. It is border line harmless and more dangerous then alcohol.

  • Marijuana should be legalized on for medical purposes.

    Marijuana has many health effects on people. The smoke alone carries more toxic chemicals in it that tobacco does. A marijuana plant carries 400 chemicals alone. The health benefits just makes the pain bearable and slows the diese down. It doesnt cure the problem completely it just makes it last longer or slow it down.

  • No, it is addictive.

    No, marijuana should not be legal for recreational use in the United States, because there are still more marijuana addicts in the United States than any other type of addict. The marijuana addiction is still treated more than alcohol or any other addiction in treatment centers in the United States. Marijuana should not be legalized, because people become addicted to it, and it is needless.

  • No, additional recreational drugs shouldn't be legalized.

    Marijuana shouldn't be legal for recreational use. There are already enough problems related to two legal recreational drugs. Smoking causes cancer, and can be a nuisance health wise to even non-smokers. Drinking and driving leads to many deaths on the road. There's no reason to legalize even more drugs for recreational use, considering that they tend to cause a lot of harm and problems even for those who do not use them.

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