• Cigarettes kill you... Weed doesn't

    Cigarettes kill you and weed doesn't. Those are facts! Get educated people. Weed makes you happy, creative, relaxed and is the real pain killer in all sense of the word. Religious people are the ones that believes that weed is the devil but alcohol is the real devil. Is time to legalize weed nation wide. It will be great for the economy and for the people that are always pissed off.

  • Marijuana causes brain damage ?

    Alcohol causes brain damage AND is more addicting than marijuana. No deaths have happened from using marijuana, yet tons of deaths happen from alcohol. It wouldn't "create turf wars among drug dealers" because it would be legal to just go get it from a club. The pros outweigh the cons.

  • Why shouldn't marijuana be legal?

    The plant comes from nature. If she did not want humanity to utilize it she would have taken it from us herself. Humanity must learn to educate themselves and those lives that they are responsible for, respect- both the plant and your fellow citizens, take personal accountability- be responsible and accountable for what you do

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  • Marijuana should be legalized!

    Marijuana is an illegal drug, but why? Marijuana has never killed anyone and it is much more safe than legal drugs like alcohol. 40% of Americans have already admitted to using marijuana. Not a single person has died from overdose. Marijuana is not actually addictive either. It could be used as a safe and useful sleep aid and is used to alleviate many pharmaceutical drugs. Many successful people use it as well. Marijuana also cancels out the side effects of cancer and AIDS treatment. Some religions instruct their followers to use Marijuana, such as Hindus, Buddists, and Rastafarians. Three quarters of the states want Marijuana to be legalized. Each year 3.6 billion dollars are used to capture Marijuana concealers when the police could be doing something more important, like finding robbers, but instead they have to catch people with Marijuana, who other than that are usually law abiding citizens. The benefits, though are minuscule to nonexistent. When high on Marijuana, there Has been no violent offences because of Marijuana. And legalization won't lead to increased use. It is even less harmful than tobacco, alcohol, and even peanuts! Marijuana should be legalized!
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  • Yes it should be legal

    I think that it should be legal at the age of 18, You are an adult at that time, if ciggs are legal and vapes are legal at the age of 18 then yes it should be. It is way better then crystal meth or heroin or any other drug .

  • Yes people should have free will

    People should have the freedom and free will to partake in a plant that grows from the earth. Too many people resort to alcohol or other harsh drugs that destroy the body. Legal marijuana should have the same legalities of alcohol, meaning that you can't use it until 21 years of age, can't be kept in the front seat or have the car smell like burnt weed. It should only be consumed recreationally if not using it for medical purposes.

  • Marijuana should NOT be legal!

    There are so many reasons why marijuana should be illegal. First of all, marijuana is absolutely TERRIBLE for your health. Also, with marijuana being common, our children will grow up thinking that it is okay and healthy to smoke marijuana and will kill millions. Therefor, marijuana should definitely be illegal.

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  • Do not legalize marijuana

    Marijuana is a drug. It can become addicting and cause horrible situations in the medical field. Marijuana damages the brain of anyone who uses it. You hallucinate and become depressed. If Marijuana is legal, and whoever uses it drives a vehicle, they will be arrested and sent to prison. The United States are already running out of room in prisons. We all get that legalizing it will create massive tax revenues and make more profits, possibly even destroy the black market, but do you really think it's a good thing? It's a drug. Why would anyone take a toxic plant and put it in their body? The idea of legalizing Marijuana is not a good thing.

  • No, marijuana should not be legal in California.

    People who advocate for the legal use of marijuana do not consider the whole picture. Legalization of marijuana will cause an immediate turf war among drug dealers and the cartels. In order to maintain their profits, with less drugs to sell, they will have to increase their violence. This will lead to more violent crimes.

  • It is bad for your HEALTH

    Marijuana can make you paranoid and can make you have "magical" thinking it can also make you have aggression and anxiety and it can damage your brain more. People can have lower appetites because of smoking marijuana and they can also feel weak. Last of all they can become depressed.

  • I'm not saying Marijuana should be legal but it can be

    Everyone has a different opinion about marijuana. It cannot kill you but it can harm you. Marijuana has provided other states with tax money for schools and education but it has also brought other drugs. Once street gangs can't make money off of weed, they go up the ladder to coke or heroin or meth or ketamine or other drugs. If it is legal, you have to treat it as alcohol. If you drive behind the wheel high, same rules apply as a DUI. Doesn't matter. If things are illegal, it is easier for people to get their hands on things but it is legal but restricted it is harder. Marijuana can be legal but I'm not it should. I've tried weed before and enjoyed it but I work full time and have other things I'd rather do so I can't do it but if it legal, they should take marijuana off drug tests, whether for sports/jobs or even schools. Don't get wrong, weed has its pros and it's cons but just the look of weed makes it illegal. If weed looked like broccoli or a leaf on a tree, it wouldn't look so harmful

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