Should marijuana be legal in Georgia for medical uses?

  • Patient in NM

    I suffer from PTSD. The meds that are prescribed to me make me very unhealthy and gain a lot of weight. Cannabis is the only thing I can take that helps, without hurting me so much. At one point I weighed 250 pounds from meds given to me by doctors. Since the use of cannabis only I weigh 175 pounds lean. I am not saying it does not have any negative side effects, I am saying that cannabis is better then the meds I received.

  • It is a natural plant

    It is not gmo. It is not a drug. It is a plant that naturally grows and produces seeds, like all plants. If this plant, older than mankind, is bad for humans ... Then why would the country's forefathers cultivated it, use it, and create products like clothing from it. Apparently, nothing good has come from prohibiting it and making it illegal worldwide.

  • Cannabis protects the brain!

    Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties. The US Government has a patent on it, since 2003, when the United States Patent Office awarded the Department of Health and Human Services patent #6,630,507. Using cannabis actually helps prevent trauma from causing permanent brain damage - and even helps prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's from causing brain degeneration later in life. Here's the proof: http://www.Jneurosci.Org/content/25/8/1904.Abstract

  • People Been Smoking for

    Folks been smoking weed 4 millenniums now and I am pretty sure if it were BAD we'd know by now. Dont ya think? We all can see for ourself the Lie that was reefer madness 1936 is a ugly lie. Are you going to Own this Lie? This stuff " spice " it has been around a few years now and we already know it is bad... Dont sell people short, we smarter than a bunch os BS at this point.

  • Marijuana should be legal everywhere, for all purposes.

    I could give a very in-depth explanation, but I'll leave it at this for the sake of keeping this short rather than an essay: Marijuana is not only safe for recreational use, it also has been found to cure several different things (they believe it could even help against diabetes). Not to mention in the means of other medical uses, it helps those in pain. Legalizing it would severely cut the prison count (meaning taxpayers give out less for people who don't need to be in jail) and increase tax revenue by millions, in fact, some Harvard economists even believe it could fix the debt crisis. Marijuana is a money-maker for terrorist organizations right now as well, and finally, (the regular argument) it is safer than both cigarettes and alcohol.

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