• I think that marijuana should be legal in the United States.

    I think that marijuana should be legal in the United
    States. These politicians need to get it
    together. They need to do what’s in the
    best interest of the American people. They
    need to make a decision that will bring millions of dollars in revenue to every
    single state in the union. The states
    need to legalize marijuana.

  • Marijuana should be legal in the U.S..

    Marijuana is not a dangerous drug and it should be legal in the United States. Alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than marijuana, yet they remain legal. The age of prohibition must end because the war on drugs is not a winnable war. The government should ease restrictions on marijuana.

  • Yes, too many pros not to

    Marijuana can offer many benefits to the United States and the citizens. It has many health benefits and is a lot safer than alcohol and other party drugs. It has been proven in other areas that once it is legal, governments can make hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions in tax revenue alone. It can also save money from keeping marijuana offenders out of the prison system which makes room for more serious offenders.

  • Tax it, distribute it, legalize it.

    In this government of the people, by the people, we the people are increasingly choosing that marijuana should be legal in the United States. While the claims of what it can do for medical reasons are often contested, the simple fact of the matter is that marijuana is otherwise harmless. You literally cannot overdose on it. Legalize it now.

  • Marijuana should be legal.

    Marijuana should be legal. While some may not like it, I don't and am allergic, it is as a whole far safer than either alcohol or tobacco. People should be able to decide for themselves what they use, and marijuana is likely the most safe drug to use. It has medical uses and could be taxed and boost the economy.

  • If alcohol is legal, pot should be too

    I think that if you support alcohol being legal and oppose legalization of marijuana, that makes you a hypocrite. Marijuana is less harmful to your body than alcohol, many tests have been done that have proven that it causes no significant long term damage (if you'd like, I can reference some of them), you would have to smoke roughly your entire body weight in marijuana in order to overdose and there are no reported cases in history of somebody overdosing on marijuana and dying. Marijuana impairs you much less than alcohol does, and while I don't condone driving under the influence of anything, I would rather have roads full of stoned drivers than drunk drivers. Drunk drivers go 50 through neighborhoods running stop signs and red lights. Stoned drivers drive 10 under and are still worried that they're going too fast.

    And lastly, prohibition just flat out doesn't work. The war on drugs has been a complete and utter failure (Sorry Nancy Reagan, I said yes) and a complete waste of government funds. In all honesty, weather or not drugs are legal, people are going to do them and all prohibition does is put money in the pockets and power in the hands of criminals. The marijuana trade has been estimated to be between $10 billion and $200 billion a year. And all of that money is going into the hands of criminals, gangsters and drug lords. If people are going to be using marijuana anyways regardless of it's legal status, I think that the correct government response rather than continue to try to fight it and fail more and waste more tax payer dollars is to embrace it, tax and regulate it so that the money can be put to good use.

    If you disagree, please respond. This is a topic that I really enjoy debating.

  • No, never never

    It is not good for you, it is bad for you. That is true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true true

  • No, marijuana should not be legal.

    The marijuana lobby has done a really good job of convincing people that marijuana is safe. However, the real facts don't back this up. Inhaling any type of drug is not good for the lungs, and more studies need to be done. Drugs that are already legal in the United States, cigarettes and alcohol, already cause plenty of problems for the country; there's no reason to legalize yet another.

  • Marijuana is evil

    Cannabis should not be regulated in the U.S.
    It is a miracle plant, with exponential potential in medicine.
    Marijuana is a propaganda name for Cannabis.
    The FDA calls it that so they can call it an illicit drug.
    You know they have their hands in the cookie jar, whether it be in the distribution of cannabis or in the criminal justice system.
    Legalize Cannabis.
    Stop perpetuating the erroneous reefer madness by even calling it marijuana.

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