Should marijuana be legal only for medical reasons?

Asked by: STMAknight92
  • Yes Yes Yes!

    I am not a smoker, but I am a chronic pain sufferer. I have exhausted almost all of my options after holding on for 26+ years. Terminally ill and chronic pain sufferers are quickly losing rights to proper pain control as it is. If you do not approve, don't use. But who are you to limit others options simply because it isn't something you would choose for yourself. Never say never. When it is you or your loved one in excruciating pain, you will be singing a different tune.

  • Marijuana should be legal for all!

    Is there any other plant out there I can get in trouble for? Not one that can grow near me. If this is a nation based on GOD and all that mumbo jumbo, then we should realize that this GOD put all seed bearing plants on earth to use. I'd rather be in a car with a driver that smokes marijuana than one that drives drunk any day.

  • Legalize personel growing

    I grow for myself under mmar license . I have MS (1991) and was in a wheelchair until I started smoking marijuana during the day. I have been out of the chair since 2004. I grow only for myself so I am very much against his drug policies. I will certainly not be voting for him and will continue trying to convince more people to dump Harper. Funny after reaching age 66 I will become a criminal.
    Kelsey Krebs

  • Lose the "only for medical reasons"

    Part and you change my answer. There is no more rational justification for the prohibition of marijuana than there would be for the prohibition of alcohol. The only problem is, it's virtually impossible to create a huge pot industrial complex when anyone capable of growing tomato plants is perfectly capable of growing all the pot he or she could smoke in a year.

    Pot is like everything else, fine in moderation and bad in excess. It's true of tobacco (a nice cigar once or twice a year isn't going to kill you), alcohol (a glass or two of red wine has a net beneficial health effect, crushing a 12 pack every day not so much), or the interwebs (my neighbor may need an intervention to get him off his MMRPG) or food (I LOVE good food, but diabetes is going to kill more people than pot this year) and on and on and on.

  • No. It's in the same situation (in terms of worship without solid testing) as Tobacco was half a century ago.

    We considered Tobacco the miracle drug long ago. Now we would laugh at such a thing. The thing is, we're treating Marijuana the same way.

    It has NEVER been proven to cure cancer. They only found that it slowed down current cancer cells (not all though) while it was also found to speed up or even case others. They fact of the matter is that you are literally taking in something that has little solid evidence behind it's ability to actually help. Doctors only want it legal because it equals more money,

    The drug has also been connected to mental disorders such.

    An argument that doesn't help is saying it has never led to a death. This argument is immediately wrong, as there is no absolutes in nature. No 0%, 99%, or 100%. Everything has killed at least one or more people. I know of people personally who have died in car wrecks, but it the driver or the person being high from marijuana.

    Giving someone an addiction that hasn't even been fully tested let is not a cure. My grandmother was given the stuff and it screwed her up. You are replacing one bad thing with an addiction to a substance that is in the same situation of worship and appraisal as Tobacco was half a century ago.

  • It should be legal, period

    Look, I'm not going to say weed is unaddictive, nature & healthy. It's by definition addictive, any smoke inhalation can cause lung cancer, and anything grown under a lamp to perfection is not natural.

    But tobacco is still legal, and thats a hell of a lot worse than weed. Tobacco kills hundreds of people a year, and puts the cancer patients in the thousands. Weed might also cause cancer, but it's also used as a medicine for cancer. Sure, it's easier to quit weed than it is to quit tobacco, but they're still on the same level.

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