Should Marijuana be legalize for recreational purposes?

Asked by: brad1999
  • It is horrible

    Marijuana is a drug, it destroys families and it should be illegal. Well, it IS illegal, but it should never be used for "medical reasons". It will be horrible if it's legalized. People will die just trying a little bit of it. So, I say no for legal marijuana. Say NO To Drugs

  • Do we or dont we live in a society that values freedom?

    If we want to live in a free society the citizens must be free to pursue their lives as they see fit.
    Just because someone does not engage in certain activity (like smoking pot), does not give them the right to deny others the right to make their own choice.
    Those whom say it should not be legal do not truely believe in personal liberty and are merely seeking to enforce their morality through law.

  • Controlled but Prosperous

    I say YES. As long as it controlled by the amount you can buy per month, and were you can smoke it. Marijuana is not dangerous as cigarettes, the government can help to create jobs and raise money such way, of course some people will oppose the law, but it wont cause much harm as long as they don't drive and work while under the drug effects.

  • If You Are Responsible With It...Yes

    Marijuana should be legal for recreational use if used in a responsible manner. If an adult wants to enjoy marijuana in the comfort of their own home, and are not infringing on the rights of others, there is no reason is my mind it should be outlawed. This means you can't smoke it on a random park bench and you can't light up in your office. Marijuana should be regulated and taxed. As far as health consequences, its been proven to be less harmful than tobacco, and even alcohol, both of which are legal. If you truly are skeptical of those findings, don't use it. Legalizing weed will/should not impact you. If we have the freedom to pick a religion, drink, and smoke cigarettes, why is marijuana the one exception? Responsible users of pot are not criminals in my opinion and should not be treated as such.

  • It Absolutely should be

    We've already seen the benefit legal cannabis has had on States such as Colerado. The amount of revenue to be made is enormous and crime will lower due to the eventual dissipation of the black market. Marijuana should defiantly be legalised for recreational, industrial and medicinal purposes is all countries.

  • If we cant prevent it, we regulate it.

    In legalizing marijuana use, it will be easier for the authorities to set rules and boundaries circulating the marijuana. Clear rule will be imposed, and authorities will not be just like cats chasing a "high rat", quick and "uncatchable". Other than that, marijuana is a herbal cure! For ailments that seemed to have no cure available in the legal sector of dealing medicines. So why deprive people that healing medicine from nature. We can add another healing drug in our medicine list, and we can control the extremities of its use.

  • Only for medical use

    Marijuana can be decriminalized for medicinal purposes, but medicinal purposes only. Alcohol and tobacco are already legalized for recreational use and they cause enough ailments and accidents in our society. Plus, I've got a feeling marijuana is a gateway drug: using it for recreation might lead people to using more potent and lethal drugs.

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