• It is unconstitutional to ban it

    According to the first amendment everyone has the right to the pursuit of happiness. What if someone is only happy if they are using marijuana? If that is the case then the United States gov't is taking away the pursuit of happiness for Americans which is not what the founding fathers wanted to happen.

  • Yes, drugs should be legalized

    I believe that drugs are positive here is why
    Cannabis has been used for over 10,000 years and not one single death has EVER been recorded.
    • It is not addictive and is actually far less addictive than caffeine
    • If legalized, far less more minors would be using Cannabis
    or weed would be sold in stores, valid ID must be given and the user must be at least 21 years of age. After customers start buying from these weed dispensaries, drug dealers would vanish and the ones that stick around would be most likely dealing hard drugs
    • Marijuana is not a gateway drug, it's just the dealers persistently persuading their customers to try harder drugs because they know marijuana is not addictive. If they were to get them to at least try the harder drugs, they would get addicted and come back for more, giving the dealer never ending business
    • Marijuana cures and prevents Alzheimer and Glaucoma, helps relieve stress, anxiety, depression, slows down tumor growth, and helps relieve pain for chemo/radiation therapy patients as well.
    • If legalized, marijuana can be taxed which would produce billions of dollars annually in profit which in turn would help our nation get out of debt. Cannabis farms can be set up as well, and growing and harvesting marijuana can become a profession thus lowering the unemployment rate.
    • Does not lead to or cause lung cancer

  • Marijuana can save lives

    I am 13 years old and I am more informed about marijuana than any of you Anti- Cannabis supporters are. Here are some major facts that help support my claim.1) Cannabis has been used for over 10,000 years and not one single death has EVER been recorded. It is not addictive and is actually far less addictive than caffeine. 2)If legalized, far less more minors would be using Cannabis. Why you ask? I believe if weed would be sold in stores, valid ID must be given and the user must be at least 21 years of age. After customers start buying from these weed dispensaries, drug dealers would vanish and the ones that stick around would be most likely dealing hard drugs (Meth,Cocaine,Heroine). 3)Marijuana is not a gateway drug, it's just the dealers persistently persuading their customers to try harder drugs because they know marijuana is not addictive. If they were to get them to at least try the harder drugs, they would get addicted and come back for more, giving the dealer never ending business. 4)Marijuana cures and prevents Alzheimer and Glaucoma, helps relieve stress, anxiety, depression, slows down tumor growth, and helps relieve pain for chemo/radiation therapy patients as well. 5)If legalized, marijuana can be taxed which would produce billions of dollars annually in profit which in turn would help our nation get out of debt. Cannabis farms can be set up as well, and growing and harvesting marijuana can become a profession thus lowering the unemployment rate. It also does not lead to or cause lung cancer.

  • It is GREAT.

    Why not? If everyone smoked pot this world would be at peace. I mean, I'm a smoker and I see nothing wrong with it. I love it.. It makes me wanna do stuff, like work. Makes me wanna get up and clean the whole house, go do yard work, anything. It puts me to ease when I'm stressed. I just love it

  • Marijuana should be legalized because it improves students' lives.

    It should be, because everyone at Massey High School smokes weed during interval and lunch! Which means everyone's on a good buzz. When it comes to class, everyone is sleeping, therefore the teachers won't have to worry about anyone acting up. Then at interval and lunch, everyone's on the munchies and eats their lunch. That way, none of their food is put to waste!

  • Of coarse it should.

    Last time I checked this was a free country. The people that immigrated to this country, did so to escape tyranny. If you don't know what that means, it means oppressive power over the people in a particular group by it's leaders. Why should the majority of us suffer, because the super rich feel a certain way about a particular issue? This is not the makings of a free country, this is tyranny. We as humans should have the option to put whatever we want in our bodies; this is not to say that children should have that right. They are young and we need to protect our young. But as for adults, we should never be refused this right. If you can demand for us to fight in battle and die for you. Then, we should be able to choose what we put in our bodies.

  • Marijuana is less harmful then any other drug.

    Marijuana is less harmful then any other drug. Like cigarettes, it messes with your lungs. I mean, marijuana would do a little damage, but not that much. Drinking is bad too. Drinking is worse than anything, but people still drink knowing that it does harm. Marijuana should be legalized. That's what I think.

  • The only drug I would say yes to

    Why, There are many factors why, This drug is helps with eye sight, In the mean time it still does the same damage cigarettes do, I never heard of cigarettes helping in any way shape or form. But it's legal. This drug is empowered to drug dealers to make high wages for it. Also it is very dangerous while dealing with a drug dealer because they are a wild card. Who know's what they did to it, laced it with other things, etc. Legalizing it would reduce the prices, it'd be taxed making a lot of money from that alone. Also set a age limit on buying or use of it just as cigarettes. Then put a limit on how high you can be like alcohol. It's funny, Weed makes you mellow out and happy and it's illegal. But alcohol leads to drunk driving accidents, deaths in the process and rapes of women, etc. and it's legal.

  • It's hardly harmful.

    Although there are some negative side effects such as impaired short-term memory and increased risk of lung cancer, it is relatively harmless in comparison to other drugs. It is less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol as well. Furthermore, have you tried weed? It's awesome! If weed were taxed, it would bring revenue into the system. Right now, the government is using the tax-payers' money to keep harmless stoners and dealers in jail. Prison is for hardcore criminals, not smokers.

  • Id rather have all the freedom in the world and not be safe than to have all the safety in the world and not be free

    what people put into there own bodies is thier own business
    if you want to eat castor beans its your own business and to respond to the second opposing argument everything you just said can be from alcohol also,and i am not selfish because i believe in freedom for everyone no matter what thier drug of choice is and people driving high are no where near as dangerous as people driving drunk, alcohol also slows down your reflexes and im well aware of what im doing when im high, so your argument is pointless and how often do you see accidents where the user was high at the time, not very often, you hear more about drunk drivers. People that smoke pot aren't going to be showing up to work high everyday if pot was legal the same rules would apply as alcohol you would get fired if you came to work high. and making marijuana legal wouldn't make it more accessible to minors, if a minor walked up to a drug dealer right now and said can i buy some weed he's not going to say can i see your ID he going to sell the minor the drug and make an untaxed income for himself but if we put it in gas stations or something the minor would walk up to the cashier (not drug dealers with guns) and ask can i buy some weed and the cashier will say can i see your ID and the minor wont be able to buy it. but if someone of age bought some he would also pay taxes on it and the drug cartels won't be the ones profiting there will be companies like marlboro who grow and sell the product instead.

  • Making something legal, doesn't make it right.

    The biggest arguments I always hear, is that it will lower crime, boost the economy, and help with medical purposes. that's the biggest load of BS I have ever heard. First regarding crime. Just because you legalize something won't lower crime. All you are doing is not calling it a crime anymore. We might as well legalize breaking and entering and grand theft auto, this way everyone will have a car and we'll have less crime. It's absurd. Second, the economy will not get a boost. Imagine how many lazy people there will be. They won't be able to work, because they're completely stoned. Pot heads barely have the energy to get off the couch to do anything. And third, medicinal purposes, so instead of finding the chemical or whatever it is in marijuana that helps people get better, why not just extract that or synthesize it and give that to people who need it... not smoke pot. What saddens me is how much time is wasted on debating this topic. It's no where near as important and so many other things. You want to lower crime, stop doing drugs. There will be no more drug dealers if you educate people to not use but stay away. You want to help the economy, don't throw your money away on drugs. Buy good things for your body, like healthy foods. Which then leads to medicinal purposes, eat well, live well, stay healthy, use money to make better medicine. This whole argument is to justify the unhealthy, addictive, lazy pot smokers so that they don't get arrested or feel guilty that they are stupid enough to smoke marijuana. Alcohol and tobacco should be illegal too.

  • Marijuana is much more harmful to your body that alcohol or cigarettes.

    Marijuana is an addicting substance that damages your health and judgement. It is way worse for the respiratory system than any cigarettes. It damages your brain so that one is not capable of making good judgements. Only people are addicted to Marijuana already would argue for the legalization of it!

  • You're all brainwashed!

    First off, I have done weed before and never plan on doing it ever again. I used to smoke multiple times a day everyday, and I used to think it was great, but my opinion changed after it almost ruined my life. I always hear that marijuana does not affect your health in any way negatively. Well you're wrong. It's just common sense that inhaling something into your lungs is unhealthy. It also affects the brain. Not only will it affect you physically in the future, but it will affect you emotionally too. Most people smoke weed because they are stressed or depressed. Well you might feel great while you're high, but as soon as it wears off, your sober life is going to seem horrible again. If you get caught with it, your loved ones will be very disappointed in you. You'll most likely lose all your friends because the only thing you'll care about is getting high. It may also affect you financially. Once marijuana becomes your new obsession, you'll spend all of your money on it. Unless you are selling it on the side, you'll become broke. I had a really bad trip once on weed and I saw what my life would be like if I continued using it, and it wasn't pretty... I have other reasons why I disapprove of it being legalized, but I won't get into that... I just feel there are too many teens out there that keep believing all this BS about how marijuana is so great. The majority of the people in this world are brainwashed on this subject. If you ever ask someone that has smoked weed before and quit, ask them why. I'm sure they'll tell you that it almost ruined their life. When our parents and teachers told us to stay away from drugs and marijuana, they weren't kidding, and there's a reason why they said it! OPEN YOUR EYES AND WAKE UP AMERICA!


    Many people believe that marijuana is harmless, but that is completely not true. Marijuana can cause cancer and leads to lung damage, brain damage, and violence. No matter what people say, the government can't legalize marijuana, as it would be dangerous to society. Most states are doing the right thing by keeping it illegal.

  • NO it should not be legalized

    Globally, 1.3 billion people smoke. Each year marijuana causes five million premature deaths.
    Half of them will die in middle age.
    And it will affect your brain and make you crazy , and Legalization of marijuana would worsen schools performance .
    Do you admit that marijuana has medicinal benefit beyond its application as a pain killer ?

  • No because it causes deaths.

    Marijuana is responsible for more than 100,000 deaths in Europe alone. It is a gateway drug that leads to the use of much more hard core drugs including heroin. One in every 10 marijuana users end up using heroin within 5 months and one in every 2 of these heroin users end up dead within 3 years.

  • Don't do it

    I don't understand what is wrong with people don't they understand how stupid this is. I mean are you kidding, they are so whacked out they cant even tell the difference of good and bad. What is the point to get happy for an hour? It is useless and dumb.

  • Absolutely 100% not.

    Pot is a gateway drug. One study found that youth (12 to 17 years old) who use marijuana are 85 times more likely to use cocaine than kids who do not use pot, and that 60% of the kids who smoke pot before the age of 15 move on to cocaine. Moreover, it causes a higher death rate due to being high while driving, we have already learned from the legalization in Washington state that this is true. America must keep it illegal.

  • Kill marijuana

    I've seen a couple studies which suggest that if marijuana is legalized, regulated and then taxed, we could have an additional revenue source up to $14 billion a year. Additional revenue is good right? Sure, so long as there aren't other costs which may offset it. Based on state & local tax revenue for alcohol sales in 2010, we made roughly $6 billion dollars. But also in 2010 we spent approx $132 billion dealing with drunk drivers (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration FARS data, 2010). Recent studies suggest that individuals that have smoked marijuana within several hours prior to driving have an increased risk of getting into an accident. I'm not particularly interested in seeing the country lose additional billions (not to mention lives) in dealing with drivers under the influence of marijuana. While it can be said that the vast majority of users are responsible with their drinking and/or marijuana use, there needs to be a threshold on how much we're willing to tolerate the irresponsible. Clearly their is a financial cost associated with them and the country doesn't have deep pockets.

  • Regulations?

    They say legalize it because then it can be regulated and create taxes and what not. I call bull. What is going to stop people from buying from illegal drug dealers, drug dealers with more potent cheaper weed? Absolutely nothing. They say it will help keep it from adolescents. My question is what's the difference in finding a dealer down the street or having a friend buy it at a store? I'm not seeing the advantage here.

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Anonymous says2013-03-06T17:08:11.297
legalize MARIJUAN!!! >_...
Anonymous says2013-03-12T22:44:40.433
After reading most of the cons on this debate I have a lot to rebut. First one,"You think I want to be on the road driving and some one high on pot is out there driving ? Pot slows down your reflexes and you are not aware of what the hell is going on. You want other folks killed on the roads ?" (Anonymous). REBUT: Obviously if/when weed becomes legal, it will be illegal to drive high, like Texting, and like drinking, or pills, etc. Second one: "One of the main reasons why it would be just plain stupid to legalize one of the most used drugs in our nation is because it leads to hard drugs, such as cocaine and heroine." (anonymous). REBUT: Actually, there are MANY marijuana users that do not use other drugs as well, Me personally, and my friends. Approximately 46 percent of all drug prosecutions nationwide are for marijuana possession ( Not only would legalizing marijuana open a lot of space in jail, it would bring many different 'types' of people together. No matter what your interest, or profession is, smoking marijuana has nationally connected many people. The last one: "Imagine how many lazy people there will be. They won't be able to work, because they're completely stoned. Pot heads barely have the energy to get off the couch to do anything. "(Anonymous). That is honestly an absurd assumption; Many work forces if/when marijuana becomes legal won't allow their employees to be high; and there may or may not be drug tests too.Whether or not some still do, they wouldn't go 'too stoned' enough to loose their jobs. People chose their jobs because it suits their interests, and usually to make profit. The average smoker would not jeopardize their job getting 'too' stoned, and many stoners become more 'aware' when they are high. Thus, the assumption that reflexes are slowed isn't true, AT ALL. FUn FaCt!! Marijuana is known for 'opening your eyes' to many of the corrupt ways of the economy.
Anonymous says2013-03-13T16:48:17.497
i dont think tht it should be ligalized it kills many people everyday

Anonymous says2013-03-20T14:07:21.457
marijuana is very stupid and gets you high
Anonymous says2013-03-25T08:53:30.950
Seriously? It's like life's HD button, in my mind smoking cigarettes should be illegal and marijuana should be legal and that's that.
Anonymous says2013-04-08T13:56:09.417
Marijuana doesn't kill as much people as drinking, or smoking cigarettes. Dont get your panties in a twist about this, just legalize it, already.!!!
Anonymous says2013-04-16T16:58:14.780
EVERYONE should watch a documentary called, "The Union." It's on Netflix :)
Anonymous says2013-04-17T04:17:33.267
Marijuana should be legalized because it's a natural herb that relaxes you... It's better than smoking cigarette's so why not replace them with it?
Anonymous says2013-04-21T18:20:30.890
Marijuana should be legalized because it would save and make the government millions, alcohol and cigarettes are legal and they are way worse than marijuana so what are we waiting for legalize it!
Anonymous says2013-05-28T02:41:12.043
Cannabinoids, including THC and Cannabidiol, promote the re-emergence of apoptosis so that tumors will stop dividing and die.

I dont support the smoking of Cannabis or any other use of drugs, but Cannabis aint just bad!

Nuff Said...
Anonymous says2013-07-12T16:20:40.277
Please will someone reeducate all these ignorant people that say no to legalisation! They don't even know what they are saying no to! This is not a drug to get high on, it's sooooo much more than that! It's a vegetable, it's a gift from mother nature to heal and help us, yes it is abused but so is alcohol and prescription drugs! It's a cure all for pretty much everything and it looked down upon because of stupid people wasting it by burning out the goodness and inhaling the smoke! Let me ask all you pot haters.....If you get cancer or know someone you love that does would you not be prepared to try to save them or yourself with cannabis oil??? You would! It works!!! Or you could just stick with what you've been brainwashed to believe and let the doctors pump deadly poison ito you and zap you with radiation!!!! Get a fricking grip! Open your minds, do some reasearch and help us get the cure we need for cancer! Everyone should own a cannabis plant! What they gonna do? Put us all in jail?
lyutharjacob says2013-10-23T07:26:11.457
In my opinion I feel that that is an extreme measure every coins have two sides and only drug use is not the CAUSE of the violence, I think we should change our thoughts specially cannabis seeds. Most of the New research and medical debates shows that its good for you specially real sick people. I think Gov Should re-concern to legalize, Get some more news through: http://sensiseeds.Com/en/blog/
GOOns says2014-03-09T10:18:17.287
No proof of it causing cancer, brain damage. War on drugs and imprisonment of people for non violent offences would be significantly reduced. It does have medicinal value to people so why deny them that.
AnonymousCaptain says2014-04-20T04:50:27.617
MARIJUANA IS BAD. We should burn it
corynski says2014-05-01T01:53:08.523
Will Tennessee be the last state to legalize cannabis use, either medicinal or recreational?
maximuslayer says2014-05-29T18:54:18.177
Weed is a great way to relieve stress, and what little damage it does is nothing to the thousands of people who die of cigarettes. PS. It's not a drug it's a herb!
Last_American_Vagabond says2015-01-23T02:38:01.127
Does anyone else question why the Federal Government has not yet seen the majority will into action?
batman69 says2015-02-26T17:40:35.087
It is great! If everyone smoked it everyone would die, and that will solve the overpopulation problem with the world. Babies would die, and no will get old enough to have to waste money on homes after they get too old. We can just stop making food and water, and everyone will just do hard drugs and drink lots of alcohol.
19acolvin says2015-03-20T12:09:52.863
There are so many more medicinal herbs out there that do the exact same thing as marijuana but without getting you high.
Phoenix3347 says2015-05-08T05:17:46.560
Legalization of Marijuana: Should it or Shouldn’t it be Legalized?

Marijuana is the most widely illegal drug used in Canada. There is lots of health and good benefits to marijuana with only a small amount of negative effects. The health and good benefits includes, treating Alzheimer’s, Glaucoma, and cancer. It also helps relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and relieves pain. The legalization of marijuana could help in producing more money for the government by them taxing it and have more jobs for the economy. The negative effects of it includes, slowed reaction time, and brain damage on young users who are still in major development of their brain until the age of at least 25.

Marijuana can help treat Alzheimer’s by one of the major components called cannabidiol (CBD). Studies suggest that CBD may reverse some of the cognitive impairments of Alzheimer’s disease. It can help treat Glaucoma by lowering the intraocular pressure (IOP) in people with glaucoma. Though it only lasts for 3-4 hours with more research and studying it could possibly help treat and prevent it all together along with Alzheimer’s. It has also been proven many times over and over again as well as it being used by doctors to help patients fighting cancer.

Marijuana relieves stress, anxiety, depression, and pain by the active chemical THC acting on the system of the brain called the endocannabinoid (ECB) system. Studies suggest that the discovery of ECB system raised the possibility that ECB’s could be important modulators of anxiety, and might contribute to individual differences in anxious temperament and risk for anxiety disorders along with stress, depression, and pain.

With legalizing marijuana, take Colorado for example. Colorado was the first state to legalize marijuana in the United States. January 1st 2015 was the one year mark that pot has been legalized in Colorado. Within the first 10 months, the sales of marijuana have resulted in nearly $40 million in tax revenue. The city of Denver saw a decrease in violent crime rates in the first 11 months of 2014. Statewide traffic fatalities continue to decline, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation. Upwards of $8 million has been allocated to fund youth education and drug prevention efforts. The state is enjoying economic growth and the lowest unemployment rate in years.

The more weed that teens consume at a younger age, the more problems they tend to have later in life. Because the brain is still forming during teenage and young-adult years; the tissue itself is still developing connections between brain regions and producing the cells that process information. Neurodevelopment is particularly active during childhood and adolescence and continues until at least age 25.

So, there are lots of benefits to smoking pot with only a few non-beneficial issues. Where your position stands is up to you but, to me; legalizing marijuana is going to be beneficial to lots of people including the government, homeless, sick, and elderly people.
e_s4y_nu says2015-11-19T09:10:54.133
E s4y nu tu maruanana
bassboy2k says2016-03-21T17:01:51.790
I posted this in the debate, but going to post it again here because I feel so strongly about it! Check out this article which lists just some of the medical studies showing the dangers of weed:
crypt0 says2016-04-03T14:47:54.157
Marijuana isn't bad compared to many other "LEGAL" drugs. Alchohol kills 30k-40k Americans each year and cigars/cigarettes kill 480k americans each year. How many has Marijuana killed? None. Complications because of marijuana (died whilst high)? Only 75. I'm pretty sure that 75 deaths is a lot safer compared to 30,000 or 480,000 deaths. Oh yeah, sure being high may not be a good feeling for some people, that doesn't mean it feels awful for everyone else.
Thegreatdebate98 says2016-05-25T13:49:32.660
Whether or not you think marijuana is a safe drug is irrelevant, the drug war has caused violence across the nation, and has cost the government billions of dollars. I am not saying legalize all drugs, but when someone is addicted to cocaine, they should be rehabilitated, rather than treated as criminals.
Kirito_Asuna says2016-05-25T16:22:14.597
Marijuana is bad for health and it should be gone for good. NO MORE MARIJUANA!!
SpectateSwamp says2018-03-24T01:14:23.637
Pot Haters should be Doxxed
It's because of them that this persecution has lasted so long.
Names addresses pictures friends. ALL of them
Re Education camps at least.
SpectateSwamp says2018-03-24T01:18:39.167
I hate the Anti-Pot crowd. For being so dumb and thinking we are OK with their anti-pot stance.
Wanting Us to be fined, confined, lives ruined and kids taken away. Isn't cool and we will be doxxing them their businesses and cronies.
TKDB says2018-04-04T22:56:44.297
Why not pose this question to such websites as "Parents Opposed to Pot", or
"CALM.Org" or "Above the Influence," and see if they agree with the posed question of "Should marijuana be legalized?
Or invite those websites to participate with this very forum and see what they say as a response to the posed question that is the premise of this forum?
TKDB says2018-04-05T16:53:47.367
Before recreational weed use is and has been legalized: Drugged driving is still occuring, the legalization of recreational weed use hasn't stopped the drugged drivers from driving while high on weed.
(What say you, the drugged drivers still driving while high on weed after weed legalization?)
The recreational weed users using weed around the kids and families, are the weed users going to stop using after the legalization?
Or are you going to still use weed after the legalization of recreational weed has taken place?
It was smoked while it was illegal to do so, and it's being smoked post legalization.
So where is the difference?
(What say you, weed users to that question?)
TKDB says2018-05-21T12:08:13.870
Drugged driving by the drugged driver, is not in a matter of speaking, what a "pursuit of happiness" looks like, it's an abuse of the law making drugged driving illegal.
Dlaske66 says2018-11-29T20:20:33.300
My life is my life to live I am productive I get my shit done before play so what's it matter to anyone what I do
aNonim says2019-05-30T02:37:32.960
I believe that marijuana should be legalized for a variety of reasons: political, Economic and social, Legalization would put an end to the over-profitable part of the drug business by bringing the existing black market to the surface, Dramatically reducing the price of drugs, By ending the extremely high costs of production and inter-mediation that the prohibition implies. This means that many people who are addicted to these substances would not have to steal or prostitute themselves in order to defray the current inflated price of these substances. Legalizing not only marijuana but drugs would make the manufacture of these substances within the reach of the regulations of the legal market. Below the ban, There are no quality controls or sales of standardized doses. Drug trafficking has extended its tentacles to the political landscape of countries. Legalization would end this nefarious alliance of drug trafficking and political power. Legalizing would end up with an important source of corruption, Which increases at all levels of government due to the fact that a substantial part of the entire class of authorities has been bought, Bribed and extorted by drug traffickers, Creating a great atmosphere of distrust on the part of the public sector in general. Governments would stop wasting billions of dollars on combating drugs, Which would be used to combat real criminals: those who violate the rights of others (homicides, Fraudsters, Rapists, Thieves, Etc. ).

In a society where drugs are legal, The number of innocent victims produced by the consumption and sale of narcotics would be reduced substantially. Large numbers of people who have never consumed these substances or are unrelated to it are harmed or killed because of the "externalizations" of the war on drugs: urban violence, Police abuses, Property confiscations, Misrepresentations and searches, Among many other cases. Legalization will lead society to learn to cope with drugs just as it has with other substances such as alcohol and cigarettes. The process of social learning is extremely valuable in order to reduce and internalize the negative effects of consumption and abuse of certain substances.

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