Should marijuana be legalized for medicinal purposes?

  • Taxes taxes taxes

    Yes it should become legalized so we can put a tax on it. If it came through though, I would want there to be designated smoking areas. So children would not get high just by smelling the smoke. America should make more designated smoking areas available. We only have a few in California. This should be more popular.

  • It will be.

    The government knows it will have to eventually legalize it, there's just to much money at stake to say no, money makes the world go round. They would gain billions back from spending against it, and they would gain profit from tourism, medicinal marijuana, there would be less crime, more jobs, of course it has to have a lot of regulation like alcohol if not more but its gonna be the way to go.

  • It is dangerous

    Marijuana has been a problem for many years especially in the Caribbean. Some people believe that it is good for asthma, cancer and other illnesses. Even though it may help with these illnesses it should not be legalized unless the wrongful use of it is banned. I believe some people will use this opportunity if it is legalized to abuse the drug wrongfully.

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