Should marijuana be legalized for purchase and use throughout the U.S.?

  • Yes, pot needs to be legal.

    So many people are buying and using pot at this time without any regulation of the product and with no tax being taken by the state that this is just a ridiculous prohibition similar to alcohol prohibition in the past. So it should be legalized all over the United States.

  • A harmless chemical

    Marijuana is not for everybody and should be as regulated as cigarettes and alcohol, but it is not a dangerous drug or a gateway drug, and it is no more harmful than the drugs that are widely legalized and accepted in the United States. Legalize it, free the prisoners who never caused any harm to anybody, regulate it, tax it, stop drug-related violence.

  • Legalizing marijuana will make it less desireable

    Yes. Marijuana should be legalized within the states. It is one in the same as cigarettes and alcohol. Both of these were at one point illegal. When they were illegal their popularity was egregious, but when they were legalized their popularity took a downfall. Not to mention it could be taxed just as cigarettes and alcohol are so that the country could also make a profit. The drug basically cause the same damage as smoking cigarettes.

  • Legaliza & Task

    The United States would greatly benefit from legalizing marijuana for purchase and use throughout the country, and the quicker we approve this process, the better off we will be. It has been shown that there is wide demand for this change which will release many non-violent people from prison and boost tax collections, if it is legalized and taxed like it should be.

  • Saves 90 Percent of Criminal Justice System

    Legalizing marijuana for recreational use would ease the burden of 90 percent of the American criminal justice system. We have just 4 percent of the world's population but 25 percent of the world's prisoners. Why? Because we are a society of law and order. Legalizing marijuana reduces gun violence because buying and selling illegal drugs is lessened. The Mexican drug cartels will be out of money and jails will empty. Instead of focusing on drugs and alcohol, the American criminal justice system needs to be concerned with murderers, rapists and child molesters. The money saved and tax revenue raised from legal marijuana can help everyone in the United States.

  • Marijuana is not dangerous

    Decriminalization of marijuana would result in fewer people in jail, as drug offenses are the highest driver of incarceration in America today. There are strong lobbying groups in favor of prohibition against marijuana, like the for-profit jail industry and alcohol industries. Basically, marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol, and nowhere near as bad for you as harder drugs like cocaine.

  • No its shouldn't because it is very harmful

    Marijuana causes a list of problems that can ruin a persons life
    There is many more effects that come form this drug, these are just a few of them

    • Causes impaired brain development
    • Poor school performance
    • Loss of productivity
    • Accidents in workplace
    • Higher chances of accidents
    • It’s addictive
    • Impairs driving judgment

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