Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use in all of the state's??

Asked by: tori5447
  • It'll still have heavy restrictions

    The government realizes that it isn't a yes/no question. Marijuana will inevitably be heavily taxed and only be accessible to certain people. It will be manufactured more safely. People need to understand that people will use marijuana no matter what. The distinction from now and legalized marijuana is more safety for the latter.

  • Common sense and cliche logic

    The obvious thing to compaire it to is alcohol. Because they are both mind altering drugs that are both controversial. So your argument might be "they have different effects" in which I will say yes they do but are pots effects bad? No they arent. They are just like alcohol in the reason we take them, to forget, or have fun. You might say it will cause more crimes but it will lessen then because people will no longer have to rely on drug dealers to buy them. So crimes would go down.

  • The laws have backwards logic

    If cigarettes are legal, but marijuana isn't in most states, how does that make the slightest bit of sense? Obviously cigarettes don't give you a high, however the amount of marijuana you need to consume until you're passed the point of driving safely would be over 7 mg. Alcohol on the other hand, is obviously the winner (or loser), and it's legal for 21 and over. These laws have backwards logic, the damaging effects of alcohol and cigarettes have been proven time and time again. It's not up for debate, marijuana on the other hand is legal for medicinal purposes, meaning it does have medicinal purposes. Someone who has a cold can get a prescription in the state of CA. If it's legal recreationally, the amount you are allowed to buy should be restricted, then it would be nearly impossible to overdose. Unless people still buy it illegally on the streets, then those people should be stopped. However, people who have 2 grams of weed are going to jail for a month, while someone who committed a crime that actually harms somebody isn't as important to the cops. Marijuana improves your health, no one has ever gotten lung cancer from weed. If you're not smoking it, the THC levels can help someone with cancer feel no pain and feel like they are completely alive. It doesn't mean it will cure it, although there have been cases like that, but it will improve well being for someone even with a back ache. It relieves stress, not just for medicinal purposes. Not everyone needs to start smoking marijuana, but it's time we start realizing this old myth of it killing your brain cells or being a gateway drug needs to be cracked down.

  • Replace Mary Jane with sugar cane!

    There's a lot of stress being put into the individual's work force on top of their personal life itself. Look at Codorado. Each month it sells $34 million in Marijuana IN ONE MONTH. $3.4 million goes towards schooling and crime goes down by 15%. That would take care of our school building problems, let alone bring a lot of life back into stock and will increase profits by a landslide. Think of it. Pot smokers are more laid back than most people. Imagine if EVERYONE in the government smoked pot. They wouldn't care about war AT ALL. They'd be too busy trying to catch a high. Some may not know, but Marijuana Is a big cure for some major diseases. Some say it could also be a minor cure of CANCER. Quit debating on legalizing the ganja and just do it! If am incorrect and all goes awry, just make it illegal gain. No harm done. Just Legalize it As An Experiment. You know what your mother use to tell you. "You never know until you try it"

  • It's an herb that heals.

    The main reason it's illegal is because it has the ability to cure diseases including cancer, and the government is in business with the pharmaceutical companies. It's not dangerous, you can't die from smoking marijuana but you can die from drinking too much alcohol...Yet which one is legal? Why can a person choose to smoke cigarettes which deteriorate your organs, but not smoke marijuana which has many health benefits? It may not be beneficial for everyone and some people may have a bad reaction to it, but it's like that with everything.

  • Forget about the Speculation

    Marijuana has never hurt anybody. Its a proven fact that there is not a single death associated directly with the use of marijuana. Its proven to have approximately 300 health benefits, the biggest one being stress. Almost 100,000 deaths per year in america alone are from the excessive use of alcohol, and 480,000 from smoking cigarettes. That's the number 1 and 2 go-to DRUG choices in america (both heavily used for stress). Why can't those drugs be removed from society? Same reason why we cant turn from oil companies and switch to all electric vehicles, the industry is too big. Whats the worst thing that could happen to our economy it if were to be legalized? Its a new industry that opens all sorts of doors for new business venture.

    It kills brain cells? Actually, there are over 300 health benefits and it does not contain any active ingredients that are addictive.

    Weed is a gateway drug? Last time I checked alcohol was legal and in nearly every home in the U.S. Kids are drinking alcohol before they get their hands on weed, but some people forget alcohol is a drug too. The real gateway drug is the one that's legal.

    I have smoked weed since freshman year of high school, and i'm now in college on full scholarship. I've written many papers while i was high and still had no problem maintaining a 4.0. It never demotivated me from my goals, and it never will. Its never caused anyone to abuse anything more than a pizza or bag of chips. Anyone who has tried it knows that relationships are only to be made, and not broken. I don't know about you but i would prefer my kids to be smoking weed and watching netflix all night rather than going to a raging party and blacking out.

    I think that everyone who even begins to debate this topic has to forget about the speculation and the politics that surrounds it. Stick to the facts and let the government decide what the big picture will look like with weed involved. It makes me sick on how many people post their positions which are clearly relevant only to the way they were raised or brought up. And for those who are posting passages from the bible, you are all hypocrites. You are just criticizing His "work"; marijuana is indigenous to our planet. Unless there is a passage about his mistakes, and marijuana is on the list, only then would i love to hear about it.

    The reality is, if you give a lazy person weed, they will stay lazy. Give a motivated person weed, and they become insightful.

  • No way ever

    I have smoked marijuana-- the latest stuff I had is way to strong--it will ruin lives, it will make people lazier than they already are. Too many young ones sucking off their parents now and wont work.
    At Galations 5:19-21-- Paul mentioned--spiritism--the greek word is farmacia( like pharmacy)--Paul also stated it is how the demons get into one. Drugs--billions are hooked on drugs. This world is already far removed from God---LOOK.

  • We may all die from other people's DUI.

    Imagine you are with a loved one driving in a car when suddenly, a person that is hi t-bones you. What would you do? You can't do anything but hope. You and any passengers are most likely going to die. I
    We should not legalize marijuana to prevent this from happening with to innocent people

  • Most Drugs are Bad!! Marijuana is no different

    People always try to defend marijuana by comparing it to other drugs. They say "Its safer than Alcohol and cigarettes etc." True enough Marijuana doesn't SEEM to harm the body as much as these other drugs (however the jury is still out on this point.) What people fail to realize is the other perhaps more important reason why drugs, marijuana included, are harmful for human consumption. This is simply they help people avoid the realities of life. Ok lets examine this fact. People drink alcohol when there depressed or after a hard day of work. The alcohol temporarily makes one forget about the stress associated with your reality without dealing with the problem. People smoke cigarettes when there stressed. The nicotine doesn't deal with the stressful situation just your feeling of the situation. Some businessmen get tired from working a lot so they use cocaine as a boost. The reality is they need rest, but the cocaine gives them a way around sleeping. Marijuana from my experience is used as a way to conquer the reality of boredom. For example I can be at home watching tv or playing video games. After a while this gets boring. A joint can make these activities 100% more enjoyable. When I can be actively finding activites (like this) to give me pleasure while I'm sober. In conclusion marijuana used on a mass level can lead to a dumbed down, reality avoiding population.

  • No nope no

    I'm going to go no one this one. No real reason just a feeling. And why the hell not right.Say what you want but i assure you I'm not a troller nor am i religious i am an atheist so it is just one of those feeling that you can't get rid of

  • Private business control over the marijuana trade is not the answer -

    As a supporter of the recreational use of marijuana, believe it or not I'm actually against the full legalisation of the drug. Think about it, it will become all about the profit. I think it will result in the mass production and the full control of prices with no alternative where as at the moment, prices are fixed and the profits made (in illegal states) are not taxed. Profit margin will become more important than the quality of the product, as long as the private business' continue to make money and the government continues to receive taxes off the marijuana trade the less they'll care about the affects (or lack of affects) of the product. This is just my view, however I would urge you to take a look at the US tobacco/cigarette industry; a substance also associated with recreational use is made cheaply and sold expensively purposely hooking people on the product to maintain a mass market. I think the answer is to allow independent dealers to continue the sale and distribution of the drug, and reduce the severity of the punishment of the possession of marijuana.

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