Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use in the state of Florida?

  • Marijuana and its derivatives are abundantly useful and pose very little risk.

    Marijuana is proven to be useful for numerous health issues: insomnia, anxiety, depression, muskuloskeletal pain, seizure disorders, and the side effects of cancer treatments just to name a few. Many Floridians are without health insurance, so even if it was dispensed by doctors as a medication, those in need wouldn't always have access. Drugs such as Oxycodone and Morphine are known to cause overdose deaths by the thousands, as well as having a much larger risk of abuse than marijuana. There is no such thing as a Marijuana overdose, and the only risk it poses is when inhaled, which is negligible when compared to the fact that tobacco use is entirely legal. If we legalized recreational marijuana, the petty drug arrests would decrease by astronomical numbers, freeing up a lot of space in our jails and prisons. The states that have already legalized are a great example of why prohibition is a terrible idea - they're smooth sailing, and Florida LE is still trying to fight a war it's already lost.

  • Is growing basil illegal?

    Marijuana is a natural herb that had been grown, cultivated, and used for years. Why shouldn't I be able to grow and use my own for whether for medical or recreational use? People can grow chamomile and use it to help them sleep. Some like to grow peppermint and make a cup of tea for indigestion. Clean and green, marijuana shouldn't have to be regulated anymore than chamomile or peppermint. Why should I pay taxes on a nature given herb. And by the way, germs are really weeds... Think we should be taxed on the weeds that grow in our own backyards?

  • Florida needs this

    When will making nature illegal ever do good. Marijuana does way more harm illegal than legal. Quit sending innocent people to prison and taking away the people's freedom. For the anti pot people dont smoke, to each his own. Marijuana and hemp are a natural resource that could thrive in Florida. Also the revenue would be beneficial to smokers and non smokers alike.

  • Therapeutic as well as healthy, with low to no harm.

    Will bring the state large sums of income, crime will drop, and many people support it. Marijuana is non addictive and helps stress, anxiety, appetite, and skin cancer(studies have shown). The hemp industry will also provide many safer, cheaper, and mare natural resources. Hemp can be used as a material as well as a fuel.

  • Help End Marijuana Prohibition

    There never was a good reason for cannabis prohibition. The purpose for it never was about public health or safety. It was motivated by corporations that had vested interests in banning a plant. Since the propaganda campaign called Reefer Madness of the nineteen thirties, cannabis prohibition has relied on lies and misinformation. Millions of Americans locked out of professional careers because of a criminal record, overcrowded prisons and a booming private prison industry are just a few clear examples of why the prohibition is vastly more harmful than a plant.

  • Legalize Marijuana in Florida

    It is time for the hypocrisy of marijuana possession and usage being a criminal offense and alcohol being legal to end! I am 50+ and like most in my age group I have been exposed to both most of my life. Having seen the effect of both on individuals and families I personally would vote to ABOLISH alcohol and legalize marijuana, but the issue is a legal one not a social one. The idea that people are sitting in PRISON for marijuana possession while we all have the right to purchase and consume alcohol is senseless and wrong.

  • Legalize it now

    This is a revenue source just waiting to be tapped. I think the tax revenue should be used to fund our failing schools; the kids need sports, arts, and a general overhaul. Educating Floridians is our top priority no matter what it costs. We know that a lot of people are smoking which means there is a market for this naturally occurring wonder drug. The government cannot deny its culpability in a allowing the legal and deadly sale of cigarettes and booze, while restricting this product that the people want. The market and people's demand action.

  • Yes totally legal!

    This is a plant that does less harm then almost any kind of "drug". The world will not come to an end if people are able to buy and sell the product, that is the whole idea about a free market, if it is harmful and bad then that is up to the person to decide. How is it OK to drink legaly, but not smoke? If people can buy and drink McDonalds and Coca Cola till they die of diabetes and heart attacks, then one should be allowed to burn an herb that has no deaths associated with it in the history or its use.

  • Yes, It should.

    I think it should be legalize because there are al lot of good individuals, Who have caught charges over the most pettiest things to do the fact of marijuana.There are a lot of smokers in the state of florida and it relaxes the human body.Marijuana does not kill, Safer than alcohol.

  • It's The Focus

    To each is own.I've been on both sides on the map and I study everything.It can be controlled,People intend to be calm, Less violent.Creates more Jobs.Helps other Food Industrial Companies produce more money because of the fact of the human hunger.Level-minded.There wouldn't be so many charges on a person's record.

  • No, it does more harm than good.

    No, marijuana should not be legalized for recreational use in the state of Florida, because it is a drug like any other drug. People cannot grow and sell their own oxycontin. So it makes no sense that people can grow marijuana, and take it and sell it whenever they want to. It makes more sense for medical professionals to regulate the drug.

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