• YES, Legalize Louisiana

    I believe louisiana should be legalized for recreational use. More and more citizens are beginning to accept marijuana. People are seeing it is not a dangerous drug. If marijuana were legalized I believe people who smoke synthetic marijuana who not anymore. If marijuana were legalized I believe there would be fewer deaths from pills and alcohol.

  • Yes and in every other state.

    Making pot illegal in Louisiana or in any other state of the United States is just penalizing people for no reason. They tried to make alcohol illegal and just wound up funding an underground crime ring. The same thing is happening with drugs now. So this innocuous drug needs to be legalized in LA and in every state.

  • Marijuana should be legalized everywhere.

    Marijuana should be legalized in all states. Federal law needs to be changed so that the states laws can be valid. There are people who would genuinely benefit from medical marijuana. These people should not have to do without just because some others want to abuse it to get a high. Alcohol is also abused by people and it is legal. Why not marijuana?

  • Yes, Marijuana does not harm anybody

    Marijuana is a drug that carries many potential benefits for users. Not only does it have these benefits, but it also poses almost zero risk to others around the user. Because marijuana is very safe to use, there exists almost no logical explanation as to why the government should keep their outdated prohibition on it.

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