• Legal Marijuana For All

    Marijuana should be legalized in Mexico. However, this decision should be made up to the Mexican government and its people, so that Mexicans have the decision. Legalized marijuana in Mexico could impact trade in the United States, which could stimulate the economy. The United States needs to legalize marijuana first, then open negotiations for trade with Mexico once they legalize it.

  • I think that marijuana needs to be legalized in Mexico as soon as possible.

    I think that marijuana needs to be legalized in Mexico as
    soon as possible. I think that marijuana
    could be a huge growth industry for Mexico and employ thousands of people. It’s just a matter of time before most of the
    states in the United States legalize marijuana in small amounts.

  • Yes, legalize it everywhere.

    There is no good reason why marijuana shouldn't be legal in Mexico or anywhere. Cigarettes and alcohol are legal in most parts of the world. These things kill millions of people worldwide. Marijuana doesn't impair anyone more than alcohol does and while it can be bad for your lungs, it's not as addictive as cigarettes are.

  • Marijuana should be legalized in Mexico.

    Marijuana should be legalized in Mexico. I think that this would help stop the fighting over the drug because it would be legal and they would not have to worry about police involvement. This would also help with the economy and everybody knows that we need something good to help with the economy right now.

  • Legalize Marijuana Everywhere

    Marijuana is not a dangerous drug and should be legalized everywhere, including Mexico. We have played the War on Drugs into an ever increasing danger with drug lords and shipping. Many people have died because marijuana is not legal and it is time to stop fighting a plant that should have never been banned in the first place.

  • Let us lower the violence

    With the legalization of marijuana in Mexico one should see less violence in the country. All too often the violence we see in the country and sometimes spills in the United States is often due to drugs. Additionally, it could create extra income for the country along with jobs which is a good thing.

  • No. No. No

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  • They have enough drug problems already.

    No, marijuana should not be legalized in Mexico, because Mexico is already losing the war on drugs. The last thing that Mexico needs is an increase in the demand for drugs. The drug violence in Mexico is astounding. It bleeds over into the US, and even caused the death of a U.S. border patrol agent.

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