• It is to dangerous

    More than 88,000 people die because of the use of marijuana. People use it to come there nerves down it does not help. Their is a lot of buildings were you can buy marijuana. Teens from grades 8-12 all ready use drugs. It also is bad because of drunk driving.

  • Marijuana Should Be Legalized in Oregon

    Yes, marijuana should be legalized in Oregon. There are many valid reasons to legalize marijuana. First, it is proven to have great medicinal purposes, such as pain relief and reduction of anxiety for those who suffer anxiety disorders. Secondly, it is a very safe drug, safer than alcohol which is already legal.

  • It's time to completely legalize it.

    I think at this point, it is time for Marijuana to be completely, 100% legal. I firmly believe one day this is going to happen regardless, so the way I see it; why not just get it over with now? There are a lot of worse evils out there besides pot.

  • It should be our right

    It is no business of the goverment to control and maintain order of something that is someone's own personal bunisess. The war on drugs it costing America's taxpayers dearly, yet it is complete failure. Dispite the fact that Marijuana use is prohibited, more than 70 percent of adults have admitted to at least expirimenting with it.

  • Marijuana is safe

    There have been no deaths directly attributed to cannabis, yet we allow alcohol and tobacco to be on sale, which are much more dangerous. Surely common sense says, that if something is relatively safe, and cost effective, we should allow it? This is basic common sense, and the useless war on drugs prevents it.

  • Should be legal everywhere

    The war on drugs is a failure. We need to rethink drug issues from criminal cases to health concerns. We don't treat alcoholics like criminals, we shouldn't be treating stoners as such either. In fact, studies show that alcohol accounts for more deaths and violence than marijuana. Any sort of violence relating to marijuana is a result of it being illegal.

  • Marijuana should be legalized.

    Most people commit crimes because they are crimes. They wish to show they are not limited. If Marijuana was legalized most people committed to drugs would feel that it was not worth it anymore. The legalizing would aware people of which people were selling Marijuana and would help to defeat drug trafficking.

  • No, Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized in the State of Oregon

    It is commonly claimed that marijuana is "harmless." However, no one will deny that driving under the influence of marijuana is very dangerous, and it would also lead to more assaults and rapes. Also, it has a negative effect on a person's body that exceeds anything cigarettes do to you. Granted it is not as dangerous as drugs like Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin, etc. However, it is a gateway drug, meaning it may very well lead to usage of other drugs.

    Another argument is that it will end the lucrative and possibly dangerous black market for marijuana. However, legalizing cocaine would do likewise and yet you don't see anyone trying to legalize Cocaine.

    Finally, people advocate legal marijuana usage in the name of freedom. Freedom doesn't mean you can do anything you want.

  • This Is Absurd Thinking

    No one will legalize killing, rape, piracy et alia because people still engage in them (especially piracy). It will be stupid to legalize drunk driving because it still causes a lot of accidents. So the reason presented in support here fail. While I admit that weed does enhance creative experience and grants access to other modes of consciousness: it is highly addictive and is best not taken and certainly shouldn't be encouraged. I've seen first hand how weed can mess up one's brain. The last thing Oregon needs is a 'Don't weed and drive campaign'. In any case, if Oregonians want weed, that's their business.

  • It should not be legal.

    Marijuana shloud be illegal because it doesnt show up in a breathalizer also its just another way for teens to make bad mistakes. Marijuana should only be used ask a pain reveler to people with severe problems such as cancer or surgeries. Its also bad for your lungs and teeth, marijuana has many of the same chemicals as tobaco and can be harmful.

  • It has passed. Recrationally.

    It has been legalized, but who can get jobs when they are High? Drug tests. Please just find a hobby to profit yourself and use your time. I am speaking from an economist standpoint here and having such a large group of people inactive in the specialization of resources will be damaging to our overall quality of life. There are proven medical uses- with strains that don't produce a "high". #gatewaydrug A kid in my math class admitted he was doing marijuana for a month now, two months later, he was on Meth and shot his Dad and killed his Mom. At least now they can accept volunteers to study the affects on their bodies. I don't believe it was a good thing to happen, and even now that it is legalized, I am still not going to let a drug make decisions for me, because a majority thinks it's okay.

  • No it should not be legalized

    Marijuana should not be legalized for recreational use in any state. There are advantages to having medical marijuana and every state should allow medical marijuana, however no one should allow recreational use. There are no societal advantages to allowing for the recreational use of marijuana. It is likely to only cause more issues.

  • Marijuana Legalization Not Good

    Marijuana shouldn't be legalized in Oregon for any reason. In reality, marijuana can be harmful for heavy users, and most people don't realize this fact. Marijuana is a recreational drug more often than not, and people shouldn't be allowed to use it. The repercussions are often unseen and fairly dangerous.

  • No it should not.

    Marijuana should not be legalized anywhere, let alone in Oregon. Once we start legalizing in other states we have to continue the train and do it everywhere to keep things fair and even, and we should not be doing that. A drug is a drug, even if it is not as harmful as cigarettes it is still harmful and should only be used by doctors.

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