Should marijuana be legalized in the Philippines?

  • Yes to Marijuana Legalization

    Yes, It's less addictive than nicotine, Less harmful than alcohol, And thousands of people go to prison for possession. If it were legalized, Scum bag drug dealers would be out of jobs, The price would plummet, Drug lords would be nothing, The cops would be freer to pursue the hard drugs, And the prisons would be emptier. Smoking marijuana certainly isn't something I'd advocate, But I'd rather be an occasional weed smoker than a habitual tobacco smoker. Czolgolz 11:29, 27 April 2007 (EDT)

    It seems to be working in the Netherlands quite well, The few dealers there only sell to minors who're not allowed to buy it in a store

  • Yes To Cannabis

    Marijuana should be legalized, Because even if marijuana is illegal, Users will always find a way to buy it. If it isn't legal then the buyer would never know what would be in the plant. Plus, Cannabis has a lot of medical benefits. THC can help with muscle spasm, Increase appetite, Muscle relaxant and more. While CBD on the other hand has tons of medical benefit without euphoria like it is anti-inflammatory, Anti-convulsant, Anti-emetic, Pain-relief, Eases nausea and vomiting, Helps with PTSD and more. Also overdosing on Cannabis is impossible and it is less addictive and harmful than Alcohol and Ciggarettes.
    Instead of making Cannabis illegal, We should educate people and connect with one another.

  • Yes to Marijuana Usage

    Marijuana is a medicinal plant due to the contributing factors of the oil itself. It can possibly cure cancer, soothe anxiety, calms people down, helps people with adhd, and so on and so forth. And it’s a plant. It can be used to treat glaucoma, may help reverse the carcinogenic effect of tobacco and improve lung health, can help control epileptic seizures, and many other banefits. Think about it rather than thinking about just yourself.

  • NO. It shouldn't

    Because as we know marijuana is a dangerous drug. It is not a cure by itself. If you smoke this, you may have euphoria because of the THC brought by the cannabinoids. You are not conscious of what
    you are doing . We do not know maybe you are killing some one already.

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