Should marijuana be legalized in the United States?

  • Plant not drug

    Marijuana has cured people this 5 year old girl with epilepsy and she had stuff extracted from the marijuana. She used to have a 100 seizures a week. Now she has 1. It definitley helps. Also a old man who survived from the holocaust had a disease where he had shaky hands i forgot what its called though but when he smoked it he could relax and his hands wouldnt shake anymore. Another guy from chemotherapy used it as medicine in israel in theyre largest medical hospital where theyve been doing medical marijuana research claims that if he keeps doing marijuana he will never have cancer again. Just watched a weed show on CNN. Its proof and it should be legalized. Other patients who suffer from arthritis and loss of hunger and etc use marijuana and they can then eat again and theyre pain goes away for thier arthritis.

  • Sell it and Tax it!

    Yes Marijuana should be legal. If the United states sold it and taxed it they would eliminate their debt to other countries within the first 5 years after legalization. Germany made enough off of the taxes in just the year of 2003 to eliminate 1/3 of our national debt. Marijuana doesn't cause all of the harmful side effects that D.A.R.E. officers try to spread to kids. D.A.R.E. officers are free to say what ever they want to say to the kids about drugs as long as it isn't saying drugs are good.

  • It Would Be A Good Move

    Yes, marijuana should be legalized in the United States. It would be better to legalize it and allow it to become an income producing business that would create more jobs and contribute a share of the tax burden. Better to legalize it than have all the profits go to a drug czar in another country, and then have to bear the cost of incarceration and court costs of assorted users. Legalizing marijuana would be an extremely positive move.

  • Seriously yes!

    I seriously think that the reason that there are people so opposed to legalizing marijuana is because they really don't know their facts and they just associate marijuana with problems. I'm not going to lie, that's how I used to be and it didn't take smoking marijuana to change my mind because I don't smoke it and that's my personal choice. I watched plenty of documentaries and had to do a research paper on marijuana. The big problem is the fact that it is illegal. There's a ton of violence and too many non-harmful people being arrested for possession of marijuana. Marijuana does not make you dumber in the head, which is a big rumor that tons of people believe. It makes you relax, and it is a personal decision if you want to do absolutely nothing with your life because you're high. There are people that get high all the time and are still productive, so I really don't see a problem with marijuana.

  • Yes, cease fire on the war on Drugs

    The war of drugs is a farce, especially laws against marijuana. These laws are putting other productive and contributing members of society in jail for harmless recreational use. There are only two groups benefiting from the continued prohibition of marijuana. The first is the prison industrial complex, which is a multi-billion dollar industry based locking up people. The other group are vicious Mexican drug cartel. Legalization of marijuana and regulation would put an end to these to groups.

  • With strict guidelines on usage

    because it is being / has been used at a extremely high rate (probably even more so than drinking). I feel there are plenty of rules, laws and regulations they can adjust to make marijuana legal in the US. Basically the same laws that apply to smoking and drinking should also be penalized on marijuana. No smoking and driving / operating a vehicle. Do not smoke in public places, restaurants or around children. Plus all these "drug lords" will be wiped clean out of a job taking care of two birds with one stone.

  • I am for the legalization of marijuana in the U.S.

    There are so many reasons why. There are so many good workers out there who can't get a job because they choose to smoke instead of get a legal job. They would rather keep smoking and just sell marijuana.
    If marijuana were legal, they could get a job and not have to worry about failing a drug test.
    To me, marijuana should not be considered a drug. It is grown just like a watermelon are a tomato. Plus if grown correctly, they are very pretty plants.
    There are so many jail cells filled with marijuana dealers or users. There are so many real criminals in the world like murderers, rapist and kidnappers.
    Cops are too worried about the next marijuana dealer they can catch and locking them up instead of the real criminals.
    It is said the jail cells are taken up with drug dealers so there is no room for the real criminals.
    The way I look at it is if marijuana were legal and you could just walk to the gas station to get it, there would be a lot less violence. i say this because the person selling the product to younger kids would not have to go through gang-bangers who are very violent people to get the drug. If they could go to the gas stations the state, would actually make a lot of money.
    Another argument is if marijuana were legal, a lot of other drugs would not be introduced to youths. The younger kids who smoke marijuana could possibly just have there someone 18 buy it for them like a pack of cigarettes.
    Think about it. If you smoked marijuana and had to go to your drug dealer's house, and they were sitting there doing some other drug like coke, they might offer to let you try it so they could sell their product to you.
    If you guys are worried about lung damage, they have food products. They actually have candy-making factories in California to make products for patients that need it. They also have delivery boys to take the marijuana to the patient's house, just like a pizza would be delivered.
    In my opinion, alcohol products are worse then smoking marijuana. There are so many car accidents and deaths because of drunken driving.
    I think if alcohol can be legal, then so should marijuana, maybe with the same circumstance alcohol has.
    Have you ever heard of someone dying from smoking marijuana? I have not. The worst thing I have ever heard about someone smoking marijuana is they went into a coma, and honestly i don't even know if that's true.People say it messes up your lungs and puts tar on them, but what do cigarettes do?

  • "well let me explain

    I am an male in his mid forties that has been smoking since the age of sixteen, a year later my father died and fell into a deep depression for many yrs because the toll my life was taking. Yes I experimented with other drugs, but Marijuana helped me fight my other addictions, I never felt sick or nauseous or lazy or troubled or hang over pretty much felt life. But my thoughts and actions were amplified by ten. I'm not saying that will cure depression totally buy it will help, I often find myself reacting more to my surrounding better, especially if i had a long task to do and getting it done, and Sometimes it just makes me think about life alot and where it's headed and all the chaos in the world today sad. Just think for a minute with whats happening in the muddle east today, and their not using it, if these people had something better to do they probably wouldn't want to die for a mindless cause.

  • Stimulation of Economy and civil liberties

    Marijuana is a natural plant, it is grown from the earth. George Washington had a hemp farm on the white house property. One of the founding fathers. Marijuana legalization could annually bring in billions of dollars for the state governments which could be used towards education and infrastructure. The war on drugs is and always has been a total failure. Prohibition is what brought in the Al Capones and underground cartels. If marijuana is not legalized in all 50 states in five years i will be shocked. Not to mention its not even addictive compared to legal drugs such as nicotine and alcohol.

  • It helps the sick

    If weed were legalized the number of trees being cut down would drop. Hemp is an annual crop and is more sufficient for paper in cost and supply. We are losing a staggering number of trees every year. We should be making them out of something that will grow back.

  • No marijuana

    No, I personally don't believe that marijuana should be legalized in the United States. It has been illegal for so long, so something must be terrible about it to keep it illegal. I only agree to medical uses of this drug. People will be walking around high and causing tons of problems if it was legalized.

  • Don't get hoodwinked

    This tank is addictive, and harmful in large doses. Once it's legalized, there is no control over how much one intakes, and it could really hurt the body, leading to heart diseases, lung cancer, increase in aging, etc. It should only be permitted and distributed to licensed doctors and health professionals, who know how to use this drug RESPONSIBLY.

  • It makes people stupid

    Marijuana has more negative aspects then positive aspects. However people do not realize this because they are taking Marijuana!!! Thus, they are stupid. When marijuana is smoked or eaten, a chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is absorbed into the bloodstream, activating proteins in the user's brain and spinal cord. This produces short-term psychoactive effects, including euphoria, a heightened state of awareness, a sharp appetite, and much more!!!!!

  • It sets a bad example for children.

    I think that marijuana should not be legalized because the children are going to see people smoking and they are going to think that its okay to smoke. Then they are going to start engaging in this behavior themselves. They are the future and if they start smoking at a early age than our future is going to be worse than it is today. They are many reasons why I think marijuana should not be legalized but this is the main one.

  • No! Absolutely Not.

    All drugs that substantially alter your mental state should be used by prescription only (including alcohol) PERIOD. The only conceivable reason to have drugs that cause such things as - deaths, non-deadly accidents, violence, crime, addiction, corruption etc... - legalized is for greed A.K.A. Tax revenue, sales revenue and so on. This should not be a cause to justify the harm that would come from such an act. We already have plenty of items on our agenda (Our being the U.S. Government) that cause bloodshed and other unnecessary terror, tragedy, fear, and problems to create revenue, that we don't need anymore.

  • Ugh....Where are we headed?

    Most the people who support legalization wanna smoke it. I know from watching others that it can deteriorate a man. It can ruin families, as it did mine. IT will set a bad example for the children, as they are sure to go out of control with it and harm themselves. Parents DEFINITELY shouldn't be allowed to smoke it. Only for approved medicinal uses do I support. Besides, it reeks..,

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Anonymous says2013-05-09T21:13:34.840
I think that it should not be legalized because all of the people who are for it being legalized, are the people who do the drug.