• Yes it should.

    Pot should be legalized in the United States of America. There is nothing that has been linked to pot that proves that it would be a bad thing. Anyone who argues against it does not have an open mind and think that it is a gateway drug. There is no addictive substances found in pot either.

  • Marijuana is a less dangerous drug than many that are legal.

    The only reason marijuana still is not legal in the United States is because of fear instilled in the 1950s about the dangers of the drug. In fact, research has established that marijuana is a far less dangerous drug than many that are legal, including nicotine and alcohol. It is not addictive and overdosing is nearly impossible. In fact, not one death has been recorded due to a marijuana overdose. As the baby boomers who were first convinced of the dangers of marijuana grow older and pass away, it is likely that marijuana will be legalized.

  • Is this really even a question?

    Marijuana should be legalized, taxed and regulated. Regulating marijuana ensures that the product is safe and that the THC, the chemical that causes the high, is within reasonable levels. Taxes from marijuana would bring in additional revenue for a system that is in bad need of cash and legalization may provide legitimate jobs for people who have been involved in the illegal marijuana trade. As a relatively harmless drug, the cost of enforcing antiquated marijuana laws is not worth the benefit.

    Posted by: TR
  • Increases Societal Impact

    If marijuana were to be legalized it would be safe to say that it would become more prominent and more accessible. Thus, the number of users would increase causing a greater societal impact. Compare it to alcohol, not impair judgement and reduce reaction time. Now consider what would happen if people drove under the influence. More accidents, more fatalities, negative societal impact.

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