• It's time to legalize

    Even though I do not smoke marijuana and legalizing it will not make me do so, I do feel the time has come for it to officially become legalized. There are just so many other evil things out there that one can put into their body besides pot. It is already legalized medically, and I believe it is even legal in certain states.

  • Yes, pot should be legalized.

    Pot has about the same effect for many people as drinking alcohol, and it can be more beneficial for fighting pain when someone has a bad diagnosis. Just like alcohol, it should be regulated as to who and how and where it can be used, but not banned completely at all.

  • Marijuana should be legal

    Why not make marijuana legal? People are doing it anyway and it is way healthier then cigarettes!!!! There is no harmful chemicals in marijuana. Kids and adults are smoking weed everyday. People are going to keep smoking it no matter what so I would legalize it.I love weed I would much rather smoke that then cigarettes, its better for you. Weed it especially better then spice.

  • Its bad for you

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