• It really isn't that bad.

    You don't hear of people that smoke weed beating there wife or getting into fight while they are smoking. The just sit there not a care in the world. What are the harming? As long as the marijuana is not laced with some other more harmful man made drug I see no problem.

  • Mary jane should be legal

    People use marijuana to make them feel better,my dad is sick and uses it bec it helps him more than any other meds could.It doesnt really impare you and plus everyo one is doing it. They should stop putting people in jail for weed,it is wasting our tax dollars and we should be more worried about catching real criminals

  • It's less damaging then alcohol/cigarettes

    Besides, if it was legal it would surely hinder criminal organizations. And if it was legal - you could tax it, and generate some additional income. If people can abuse alcohol and smokes which lead to liver/lung failure and cancer (for which marijuana helps alleviate pain) then why not pot?

  • The benefits are incredible.

    Aside from the health benefits of marijuana, such as neurogenesis in the brain, marijuana can pump millions of dollars into the nations economy. The stalk(hemp) of cannabis can be made into fabrics, paper, plastic, building materials, and bio diesel. There would be no need to burn fossil fuels and be dependent on them. All these materials could be imported and produced worldwide which would lead to cheaper products and more efficient trade, Cannabis also grows quickly and could be farmed almost anywhere. Cannabis also has no reported deaths according to the DEA. The only reason the governments of the world opposes legalization is because it inflicts with the cash flow of industries such as petrol and medical industries.

  • A hundred times yes.

    And no, it's not only because I am someone who smokes weed often. I believe that if alcohol can be legal, there is no reason weed shouldn't be. It should be treated within the same means that alcohol is and that should be the end of it. It's a nature based plant and shouldn't have been illegal in the first place!

  • Yeah it should be legal!

    From Pakistan, Here all people think weed is cheap drug, And also its so harmful, But in real its not like that people make that drug a bad, I think weed should be legal in all over the world, Because first its natural plant, And so many people take anti-anxiety tablets or tablets which make them relax, Weed is far better than those tablets.

  • Is there even a single reason not to?

    Its a plant... Its smells, you can ingest it in many ways, relaxes you, makes your head feel funny, is not known to cause violence, as opposed to alcohol... I just cant imagine a single reason any person can say to any other person "no, you cant do that" [filler words]

  • People need to embrace the benefits

    I have never smoked weed and I most likely never will because I don't see the need. However, I still think it should be legalized. Everyone that I know that smokes weed has had some benefit from it. There are too many to list here. Additionally, if the government would allow it instead of ban it, the government would make a profit off of tax revenue versus losing money as they are doing now. Marijuana actually is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be.

  • Medicinal Purposes only

    I'm very surprised that I'm the first commenter on this specific debate topic. I think it's very important that we recognize that although Mary Jane may not be extremely damaging it is utterly unnecessary, we do not NEED drugs in our lives. I could argue that cannabis is DETRIMENTAL to people's health but I have chosen not to, we do not NEED it for anything. It costs money, it's not GOOD for one's lungs, it can be linked to depression ect. Ect. My point is: it's unnecessary and although it won't necessarily impair you it's probably not going to do you much good, I believe it's best governments have a laisez-faire attitude towards it but keep it nominally illegal and catch any obvious production of it. My second point is my most important and easiest to transmit: as we know big money has been behind all major decisions, if we are to legalize marijuana it's highly likely that corporations WILL turn pot into the new cigar and lace it with Nikotine and a bunch of other stuff.

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