• Not only should it be legalized, it is wasteful for the government to take *any* position on the subject.

    First of all, the dangers of drug use are much exaggerated. Many of the negative consequences are really just people victimizing drug users. With the exceptions of a drug like Heroin, at the doses people typically take most drugs are actually extremely benign. Drugs, marijuana, are not dangerous.

    Now the legal aspect: For every law that exists on the books, you and I fork over money to pay to have them enforced, and therein lies the problem. The more laws there are, the more money the law enforcement gets paid. Police officers are just people, like you and I, and they are completely self-serving. The police have a major influence on the creation of new laws. If they say something is a problem everybody just believes them, and they have a horrible tendency to create laws that just makes sure they get more funding.

    Speed limits are a good example laws that actually ensure the problem continues because the number of accidents is not directly related to the rate of travel, it is INVERSELY related to the rate of travel. The quicker people travel, the less time they spend on the road and the fewer opportunities there are that something will go wrong. . . And, yet, the police will advise you to drive slowly *because it creates hazard for everybody behind you* and then they punish the person who crashed into the hazard (you) instead of the person who created it (you).

    Drug laws are based on nothing more than propaganda and hypocrisy on behalf of our law enforcement.

  • What we put into our bodies should not be decided by the government.

    In addition to that fact that cannabis has never resulted in a overdose, we can safely assume that it is safer that alcohol and tobacco which kill well over 400,000 people per year. I think it's ridiculous that the government spends billions of tax dollars per year, incarcerating non violent cannabis users. Legalization of marijuana would out violent drug cartels out of business, resulting in less violent and less crime. Legalization of cannabis throughout the entire US, would result in millions if not billions of dollars in tax revenue . In addition to the political benefits, studies are beginning to show that it help fight cancer.

  • There is no significant reason for it to be illegal.

    Nothing should be banned unless it causes a direct harm to another. Marijuana can be used for medicine, fuel, paper, clothing, rope, and of course, smoking.

    When smoked, there are few health risks. For long term use, health risks to the lungs can be deterred by using a vaporizer. But it can also be ingested orally, in which there are no long term side effects. Even if it were significantly harmful, it still would not compare to alcohol, cigarettes, or even junk food and many of the chemicals in the products we use.

    In fact, it's a great medicine. Those who suffer from reoccurring seizures or chronic pains often can't find a natural medicine with as little side effects as marijuana. It can be very effective in relieving pain and controlling the symptoms of epilepsy.

    If someone finds marijuana unappealing for any reason, they're still free not to use it. Everyone else will use it whether it's legal or not, as it's incredibly easy to obtain locally. But it's the non-recreational uses such as medicine, organic products, and efficient energy that we're missing out on by keeping it banned.

  • No, it should not

    I believe that government must regulate bad stuff that is harmful to people. I know that everyone has freedom to do what they want, but since marijuana is a type of drug, it must be regulated. The reason is that if it is legalized, children may learn. Think about it. Unlike alcohol or cigarettes, which set the age limit, marijuana can easily obtain through plants and drug dealers. For this reason, if children have money, they will buy marijuana and smoke it. Another reason why it should be regulated is that smoking marijuana leads to take other drugs. According to a research, most of drug abusers, such as ecstacy and cocaine, have previous experience of smoking marijuana. Finally, because marijuana destroys people's brain and make them older, it would be dangerous to everyone, if it is legalized.

  • I do not support this!

    There are too many risks that go with the drug. It has been proven that it hurts with driving because you lack the focus to understand what to do on the road and hurts your decision making. It also causes large addictions. Most likely, people will use up all their money, maybe even their life savings, to such an addictive drug. I see no reason other than the "happiness" that comes along with it to make so many in favor of it.

  • It is wrong to those who don't need it

    Marijuana acts as a medicine for the people who actually need it or the people who are sick, but it is basically a drug abuse when you use marijuana when you don't need it. Marijuana should only be used to cure diseases , not to get high. ;taking a medicine when you don't need it? Think about it!

  • It cant be legal

    Unless legalized by federal law, drugs will always be illegal. Because federal law overrules state law, so even in Colorado marijuana is illegal by federal law. So say NO to drugs. Play the game fair don't take steroids. Winners don't do drugs. Remember duck and cover. Only you can prevent forest fires.

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