Should marijuana be legally available for medical purposes?

  • Medical Marijuana OK

    Without a doubt, medical marijuana has its benefits for patients suffering from various disease. The drug is known to lessen pain and reduce other symptoms. Only individuals with true needs should have access to medical marijuana, though. Otherwise, the system will fall to abuse like it's currently dealing with now.

  • Marijuana should be legally available for medical purposes.

    Marijuana has many therapeutic uses and it should be used as a medicine when it is appropriate. If someone is dying and needs to be treated for pain, marijuana can be an option. If a medical specialist deems that marijuana is the best course of treatment for a patient, puritanical detractors should not be able to prevent patients in need from being treated.

  • Yes, marijuana should be legal for medical purposes.

    The body of evidence supporting the efficacy of marijuana in treating all manner of ailments is large and growing daily. The research citing its drawbacks when compared to other, legal drugs is also growing. Marijuana should be legal for use, whether that use be medical or recreational. There simply is not a good reason for it to be illegal anymore.

  • Marijuana should be legally available for medical purposes.

    Marijuana should be legally available for medical purposes. If they are going to allow this for recreational use than medical reasons should be allowed to. I think it is time that we legalize this plant for both purposes and that way anyone who wants to get it is able to.

  • No evidence showing fatalities from Cannabis

    There has NEVER been one documented fatality from cannabis ingestion. At one point in time, the federal government recognized the medicinal properties of CBD/THC; amongst those are an anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory, and it has been documented to inhibit the growth and metastasis of cancer. Don't believe me, Google it....All the information is readily available for research. Cannabis has been demonized by special interest (lobbyists) on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. And again, show me proof that someone has died from smoking pot because I know it has never happened.

  • Yes, marijuana should be legally available for medical purposes.

    Medical marijuana can be very beneficial to people with various illnesses and disease. This is why it should be entirely legal for those that want to use it for medicinal purposes. It should not be difficult for someone to get marijuana when they are ill. It should be an easy process.

  • Marijuana should be legal.

    Marijuana is a preference, not an addiction. You are going to do something if you like to do it. You can't die from it unless you smoke your own body weight, and that is impossible. Smoking cigarettes is just as bad, if not worse. So, either, you ban cigarettes, or you legalize marijuana. It's the same thing.

  • No, marijuana shouldn't yet be available for medical reasons.

    While some states are passing laws that make marijuana legal for medical purposes, it is too prone to abuse and people claiming they have medical need when they don't really. Additionally, I personally believe that the medical community can potentially make a safer form of marijuana, if they find it really does work to alleviate pain. It would be safer for people to take it in a different way other than through inhalation. I think it's best to wait until it's studied more and until a safer form, with recommended dosage, exists for medical use.

  • Teens can get a hold of medicinal marijuana for recreational purposes.

    If teens get a hold of medicinal marijuana, it may affect their lives for the worse. Some cases have been that teens have died from over dosing on marijuana. If marijuana is legalized, it can hurt the youth of american people, and that is not something the U.S. government wants to happen.

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