Should marijuana be legally classified the same as heroin?

  • Yes, marijuana should be classified the same as heroin.

    Marijuana should be classified exactly like heroin. Marijuana is an illegal substance, it is also hallucinogenic, it is habit forming, and it impairs the user. Marijuana impairs both cognitive reasoning and impedes motor skill responses. As such, it has many of the same effects as heroin. The only difference being that a person cannot overdose on marijuana.

  • These should be classified the same because of their mind-altering abilities.

    Marijuana should be legally classified the same as heroin because it is a drug. A drug is a drug. Although it might have different side effects, it should not vary in classification. Alcohol, caffeine, heroin, pot, meth -- all are drugs. Some might be quite milder than others, but it is their ability to alter the human mind that gives them the same classification.

  • No, marijuana and heroin are not the same

    No, marijuana and heroin should not be legally classified as the same kinds of substances. Everything from their chemical makeup to their addictive qualities, physical effects, mental impacts and overall public image are nowhere near analogous to one another. Heroin is far more deadly and difficult to traffic than marijuana. Giving each of these substances the proper label will ensure effective policing and public awareness, so avoiding addressing them as the same thing is essential.

  • It's no where near the same

    Marijuana should not be categorized as the same type of drug as heroin. This is for a lot of reasons. First of all, there is no real evidence that marijuana is addictive in nature. Secondly, marijuana has no real negative side effects whereas heroin has a lot of really bad ones.

  • Heroin is not Marijuana.

    Marijuana should not have its legal classification increased to the same level as heroin. If anything, Heroin classifications should be reduced to Marijuana levels. Marijuana advocates consistently cite statistics of how that substance has no physical implications even with prolonged use. A surprising statistic that most people don't understand is, neither does Heroin. The drug itself leaves no physical side effects. The complications are due to the addiction and the disregard for self. The drug leaves the body fairly quickly with no physical impact aside from the need for more.

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