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  • Marijuana should not be outlawed.

    This is a plant. A plant is part of nature. Since when should nature be illegal or have limited access ? That is outrageous. In addition to this marijuana can and is used for medicinal purposes such as to minimize pain, muscle spasms, nausea from cancer seizure disorder and crohn's disease, therefore, should definitely not be outlawed

  • Weed vs. Alcohol vs. All drugs

    Weed, cocaine, heroin and other drugs should be legal and controlled in a limited setting. By opening the drugs market to taxes you would stop the need to spend money on drug traffic patrols, raids, incarceration and also decrease violent crimes.

    Sure, you're going to get small time pushers who are going to avoid the free market and sell stuff underground but by bringing these items to the surface, in plain view, there is the ability to tax and control more than if you are always trying to catch people hiding it.

    Just like prohibition which caused organized crime to flourish and also increased drinking of the substance and lost revenue, causing drugs to be completely illegal is ridiculous.

    If you want to control these substances, they need to be out in the open and not hidden.

  • Just legalize it. Lots of people do it anyway!

    I work in toxicology, primarily testing employees and prisoners for drugs of abuse. I can definitely say that prohibition of marijuana does not work!! I believe it should be legalized and introduce cannabis facilities, like cafes or Cannabis bars. This would create new business and new jobs for people in marijuana factories in the UK.

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